Frederick L. Feinberg Award

Frederick L. Feinberg Award

Since 1961, the Frederick L. Feinberg award has been presented to the pilot or crew of a vertical flight aircraft who demonstrated outstanding skills or achievement during the preceding calendar year. It honors the memory of an outstanding helicopter test pilot and an exemplary person. The award consists of a stipend ($200), the engraving of the recipient’s name on a plaque, and an individual plaque.

2015 - The Crew of Colorado Army National Guard High Altitude Aviation Test Site (HAATS) Black Hawk

2014 - Pilots and Crew of RESCUE118

2013 - No Award Presented

2012 - LT Scott F. Chirgwin, U.S. Navy

2011 - Kevin L. Bredenbeck, X2 Technology Demonstrator, Director Flight Operations, Chief Test Pilot and Project Test Pilot, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.

2010 - Roy Hopkins and Jeff Greenwood, Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

2009 - The Crew of the Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter CGNR 6007

2008 - First Polar Team of Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill

2007 - Aircrew of Dustoff 57 - Operation Mountain Lion

2006 - U.S. Navy Blackhawks Squadron, HM-15

2005 - Capt. Ryan Welch, US Army and CW2 Justin Taylor, US Army

2004 - Roy Hopkins II

2003 - Republic of China Air Force Super Blue Hawk (S-70) Rescue Crews for the SS Yuansheng No. 2 Barge Rescue

2002 - U.S. Marine Corps 15th and 26th Marine Expeditionary Units, Camp Rhino Insertion Aircrews

2001 - U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City - SeaBreeze I Rescue Aircrews

2000 - The NRTC/FAA/Industry DGPS Rotorcraft Precision Terminal Procedures Program

1999 - Bell, Boeing, NAWCAD V-22 Tiltrotor Pilot Staff

1998 - The Pilot Staff of the RAH-66 Comanche Combined Test Team

1997 - No Award Presented

1996 - Jon S. Dickens

1995 - Ray Eche, Doug Pense, and Dave Wright, Era Aviation

1994 - U.S. Coast Guard Crew of HH-60J CG 6008

1993 - Leo Meslin and Dwayne Williams

1992 - U.S. Marine Corps HMH 461

1991 - U.S. Army B Co., 4th Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment

1990 - LT David R. McCormick, USCG

1989 - Nicholas Lappos

1988 - Charles A. Parlier and W. Edward Wilson

1987 - U.S. World Helicopter Championship Team

1986 - John S. Tulloch and A. Lynn Freisner

1985 - COL Robert L. Stewart, USA

1984 - MAJ Edward C. Traasdahl, USMC

1983 - John J. Shapley

1982 - CPT Stephen Kee, USA and CWO George Chrest, USA

1981 - LT John P. Currier, USCG

1980 - Dorman A. Cannon and Ronald G. Erhart

1979 - Walter J. Hodgson (posthumously)

1978 - LT James D. Stiles

1977 - Ramon J. A. Gibson

1976 - LCDR Joseph L. Crowe, Jr., USCG

1975 - MAJ Eugene L. Richardson, USA

1974 - Azel J. Hutto, Jr.

1973 - Henry Whitfield

1972 - LCDR Paul R. Lewis, USCG

1971 - Louis M. Hartwig

1970 - 1st LT Joseph P. Donovan, USMC

1969 - Ronald L. Diggins

1968 - CPT Jerome R. Daly, USA

1967 - Robert G. Ferry

1966 - Delford M. Smith

1965 - COL George P. Seneff, USA

1964 - Winford Alan Newton

1963 - LT Robert W. Crafton, USN and CPT Louis K. Keck, USMC

1962 - LTC F.M. Carney, USAF

1961 - Link Luckett

1960 - MAJ William J. Davis, USAF and CPT Walter J. Hodgson, USAF

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