AHS Award Nominations

Welcome to the online nomination form for the 2015 AHS awards. The form below provides a fast method for making your nomination. Please use this form as it helps us to manage all of the nominations and recommendations. However, if necessary, you may also mail or fax your nomination or endorsement, or contact Vernon Hemphill by email or 703-684-6777 x107. Note that PDF documents supporting your nomination may be uploaded upon completion of the form below.

Please note that the deadline for nominations and endorsements is Monday February 9, 2015!

Thank you for your participation!

Vernon Hemphill, Director of Membership
AHS International

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Thank you for your nomination or endorsement! Once it's been successfully processed, you will receive an email from Vernon Hemphill, AHS Director of Membership, confirming the information you provided. If you do not receive this email, please contact Vernon to make sure your nomination or endorsement was received.

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