Capability and Affordability in the Future of the Vertical Lift Industry

additive manufacturing

September 14-15, 2015
Huntsville, Alabama USA

As government and industry budgets are squeezed ever tighter, the customer is demanding greater capability for less money. This event provides a forum for discussions of new tools and processes capable of meeting the future budget challenges in rotorcraft development.

Leading experts from the government, academia, and industry will discuss the affordability challenges ahead of us. With budgets being squeezed, we are seeing the emergence of a new class of military and civil customers demanding greater capability for less cost; i.e. more value. 

This Technical Specialists’ Meeting is a superb chance to present and discuss advances in every area of vertical flight technology  related to the Affordability & Capability. It is incumbent on us, as system engineers, to spearhead the next step in the evolution of our industry by exploring the processes, tools and technologies which maximize value (Capability per $).  We welcome papers in all disciplines discussing the capability enabling cost technologies and/or the system engineering  tools and processes enabling such leaps.

Current topics of particular interest include but are not limited to:
  • Capability versus affordability
  • Managing cost and schedule risk in a volatile defense budget
  • Technology insertion timeline versus user needs
  • Consideration of safety, reliability, manufacturing and supportability requirements early in the requirement negotiating process 

Papers from all disciplines are welcome to explore a variety of approaches that target this challenging subject. Abstracts of approximately 1000 words are to be submitted in PDF form and are still being accepted. They should convey a complete synopsis of the paper, summarize figures and illustrations to be used (with samples), and include a summary of important conclusions.

Download the Systems Engineering 2015 Call for Papers and Presentations here.

Please contact the committee via email or call Steve Skinner at (817) 280-1311 or Sue O'Brien at (256) 824-6133.


Updated May 26, 2015

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