Alfred Gessow Award Winners

The Alfred Gessow Award is given each year for the best technical paper at AHS Annual Forum. The award consists of a plaque and transportation for one author to the European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF).

Forum 70/2014
Design and Development of the Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter
Cameron Robertson and Todd Reichert, AeroVelo Inc.

Forum 69/2013

Flight Test Results for Autonomous Obstacle Field Navigation and Landing Site Selection on the RASCAL JUH-60A
Matthew Whalley, Marc Takahashi, Jay Fletcher, Ernesto Moralez III, Carl Ott, and Michael Olmstead, US Army AFDD; Chad L. Goerzen and Gregory J. Schulein, San Jose State University; James C. Savage, AFRL; Hoyt N. Burns and Bill Conrad, H.N. Burns Engineering Corp.

Forum 68/2012
Blade Tip Pressure Measurements Using Pressure Sensitive Paint
Oliver Wong, US Army AFDD; A. Neal Watkins and Kyle Goodman, NASA Langley Research Center; Jim Crafton, Alan Forlines and Larry Goss, Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc. and James Gregory and Thomas Juliano, The Ohio State University

Forum 67/2011

Dr. Anubhav Datta, Science and Technology Corporation; Dr. Hyeonsoo Yeo, U.S. Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate; Thomas R. Norman, NASA Ames Research Center

Forum 66/2010

Landing an H-60 Helicopter in Brownout Conditions Using 3D-LZ Displays
Zoltan P. Szoboszlay and LTC Steven R. Braddom, U.S. Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate; Dr. R. Andy McKinley; James C. Savage and Walter W. Harrington, Air Force Research Laboratory; H. N. “Buck” Burns, H.N. Burns Engineering Corp.

Forum 65/2009
A High Fidelity Brownout Model for Real-Time Flight Simulations and Trainers
Daniel A. Wachspress, Glen R. Whitehouse, Jeffrey D. Keller and Ke Yu , Continuum Dynamics, Inc.; Phillip Gilmore, Michael Dorsett, and Kevin McClure, SAIC

Forum 64/2008
Accurate Bird Strike Simulation Methodology for BA609 Tiltrotor
Cheng-Ho Tho and Michael Smith, Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

Forum 63/2007
Application of CFD/CSD Coupling for Analysis of Rotorcraft Airloads and Blade Loads in Maneuvering Flight
Mahendra J. Bhagwat, ELORET Corp.; Robert A. Ormiston, US Army AMRDEC and Hossein A. Saberi and Hong Xin, Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, Inc.

Forum 62/2006
Trailing Edge Flaps for Active Rotor Control Aeroelastic Characteristics of the ADASYS Rotor System
Oliver Dieterich, Bernhard Enenkl and Dieter Roth, Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH

Forum 61/2005
Experimental and Computational Study of the Interaction Between a Tandem-Rotor Helicopter and a Ship
Ganesh Rajagopalan, Iowa State University; Saeid Niazi, Sukra Helitec, Inc.; Alan J. Wadcock, Aerospace Computing, Inc.; Gloria K. Yamauchi, NASA Ames Research Center; Mark J. Silva, Naval Air Warfare Center

Forum 60/2004
V-22 High Rate Of Descent (HROP) Test Procedures And Long Record Analysis
Albert Brand, Ron Kisor, Robert Blyth, Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.; Dave Mason, Chris Host, The Boeing Company

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