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2014 Media Kit
Contact: David Renzi, Director of Meetings and
Advertising, (703) 684-6777 x105 or
hen you advertise in
you’ll forge new bonds and create connections with vital customers,
clients, businesses and buyers from the global vertical flight industry. Your message will be carried in
a publication that is well respected and well read, in a magazine that has been serving the vertical
flight community for 70 years, longer than any other rotary wing publication. Plus, AHS International is now
to its prestigious audience six times a year, which will help our readers recognize your via-
bility and standing in a very competitive arena.
AHS has over 6,000 individual members and 75 corporate members from around the world that cover the
entire spectrum of the vertical flight industry. Avid
e readers come from the worldwide government,
military, and civil sectors, including CEOs, managers, engineers, pilots, educators and
students. AHS is actively involved in supporting increased rotorcraft research and
is a member of the Vertical Lift Consortium Board of Directors.
profiles leading manufacturers, Non-Traditional Contractors and the
extensive vertical flight supplier base.
A recent
article prompted the president
of a small company to remark that, “The
AHS has been an oasis in a military-
industrial complex that, as a matter
of policy, favors the dominant heli-
copter producers. On behalf of all in-
dependent inventors who may offer
innovative vertical lift configurations,
thank you for providing this unique and
necessary service to the engineering com-
munity and our nation.”
magazine is the leading authority
for the entire spectrum of the vertical flight
arena including helicopters, the Joint Strike
Fighter, powered lift, UAVs, and tilt rotor man-
ufacturing, development and deployment. The
global targeted audience of this leading four-
color publication stretches far beyond its circula-
tion of more than 6,000 to a pass-along readership
of 12,000 quality vertical flight and aerospace pro-
fessionals. Its international distribution list includes
influential members in governments and academia,
and leaders of the international vertical flight commu-
Your ad will move civilian and military vertical flight pro-
fessionals into action – professionals who are setting the
course for programs critical for commercial operations and
military deployment across the U.S. and around the world.
Without your advertising presence in
, key decisions
could be made without consideration of your products and services. Be certain that your capabilities are in-
cluded from the inception through the delivery of each critical project. Your compelling ad in Vertiflite will
expand your market share by gaining the attention of senior vertical flight professionals interested in your
products and services.
May/June 2013
Printed in the USA
i e
In This Issue:
Project Zero Unveiled
2013-2022 Forecast
U.S. Coast Guard HUMS
A Publication of
AHS International
Celebrating 70Years of Service toVertical Flight
Light Helicopters Advance:
Robinson Helicopter
MD Helicopters
Bell OH-58F
A Publication of AHS International –
The Vertical Flight Technical Society
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