Corporate Membership

What makes joining the Society as a corporate member a valuable experience? Industry recognition? Awards for excellence? The opportunity to network and market to fellow professionals? Probably all of those, but for the most part tangible membership benefits prompt our corporate members to join and participate in AHS. These include:
  • Interaction with the leading specialists in vertical flight through participation on the Society's technical committees.
  • Support on technical issues before the FAA, NASA, DoD and their international counterparts.
  • Discounts for exhibiting at the Annual Forum and advertising in Vertiflite magazine.
  • Print subscriptions to Vertiflite and the Journal of the American Helicopter Society. (A value of $45 per member!)  
  • A complimentary CD-ROM of the AHS Annual Forum Proceedings that includes 250 cutting-edge technical papers. (A $255 value!)
  • Access to the AHS Online Membership Directory that provides contact information for all of our individual members.
  • Priority coverage in our publications of your company's products, services and personnel.
  • Your company's description online and in the annual Nov/Dec issue of Vertiflite.
  • A number of complimentary members (based on membership class, see below).

We invite you to join the prestigious ranks of AHS corporate membership in the only Society dedicated to the advancement of vertical flight. Our corporate membership application is available as a PDF; if you have any questions or would like more information on becoming an AHS corporate member, please contact Vernon Hemphill, AHS Director of Membership.

Corporate Membership Annual Dues:
  • Platinum Class (revenues greater than $100 million): $23,500 (includes 150 complimentary members) New!
  • Gold Class (revenues greater than $100 million): $18,500 (includes 100 complimentary members) New!
  • Class A (revenues greater than $100 million): $12,500.00 (includes 40 complimentary members)
  • Class B (revenues of $50 million to $100 million): $6,250.00 (includes 30 complimentary members)
  • Class C (revenues of $10 million to $50 million): $2,950.00 (includes 20 complimentary members)
  • Class D (revenues of $1 million to $10 million): $1,250.00 (includes 15 complimentary members)
  • Class E (revenues of less than $1 million and associations, consulting firms or government agencies): $500.00 (includes 10 complimentary members)
See our listing of our more than 75 corporate members who have decided that supporting AHS is a win-win situation!

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