Aeromechanics Design for Transformative Vertical Flight


Holiday Inn at Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco, California

Scope: The integrated technical disciplines of aerodynamics, acoustics and dynamics in design will be emphasized. Interdisciplinary technologies required for accurate analysis and design of rotorcraft performance, loads, vibration, noise and stability will be covered. The reported work will include analytical developments, new experimental studies, and correlation/validation efforts. Analytical papers may range from basic aerodynamic flow prediction of rotors to results of comprehensive analysis programs. Experimental papers will span model- to full-scale wind tunnel and flight test programs. Revolutionary new rotorcraft concepts or applications of emerging aeromechanics technologies to new rotorcraft missions will be addressed, including transformative vertical lift aircraft — manned and unmanned. This event includes the 5th Transformative Vertical Flight Workshop on Jan. 18-19.