Forum 77 Help Guide

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The Vertical Flight Society's 77th Annual Forum & Technology Display will be held online this year on May 10–14.

Note: all times are in US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which is UTC-4. You can see the time in your timezone by checking a timezone converter such as Every Timezone. However, it can also be set to your local times by configuring it in your profile setup.

Registrants are encouraged to log in to the event page, set up their profile and plan their itinerary as soon as possible.

We encourage our registrants to try these general troubleshooting tips to minimize technical issues:

• Undergo the Video Check and System Check functions on the device(s) you will be using.
• Use the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox
• If you are having trouble logging in, try clearing your browser cache and delete the saved password for the event website ( before logging in again.
• Disconnect from VPN
• If you are in a company office, try another network if available (some offices have robust firewalls that will block video and video chat)
• If your office has a firewall, have your IT staff make sure that you can access streaming audio / video
• Clear your web browser history and cache
• Close any other tabs that may be using a lot of bandwidth
• If you are at home, make sure no one is also using streaming services like Netflix, etc. that could impact your available bandwidth
• Check your internet connection
• Use a hard-wired internet connection if possible
• If you have to use WiFi, make sure you are close to the WiFi router
• For video chat, make sure no other programs are accessing your camera/audio (e.g. Zoom
• The VFS Annual Forum 77 video platform is Zoom, but Government attendees please note that we are not using Zoom for Government. We recommend you utilize non-Government resources to access the event.

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions that may help facilitate this process. If you have a problem during the event and you’ve used the tips below but still have an issue and you need immediate help, there are “emergency” contacts at the bottom.

1. I am already registered for Forum. How do I log into the event website?

Use your VFS credentials to log into the eventScribe platform. If you have forgotten your credentials, please retrieve them via this page.

2. I am registered for Forum but I cannot access the website.

Please make sure you are using your VFS credentials and do not have an outstanding payment.

3. I don't know my VFS credentials. What do I do?

You can retrieve your password here. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

4. Where do I find the exhibits?

The virtual exhibit hall will present a list of exhibitor names and logos. Simply click on the name of an exhibitor to open a virtual booth. Booths will have a left-side navigation menu for accessing an exhibitor's information and posted materials.

To review products and services being showcased by exhibitors, click on the website's Product Showcase menu option located on the left-side navigation menu or on the Product Showcase tab located on an exhibitor's booth.

To video chat with an exhibitor, click on a booth's video chat page and hover your mouse over a posted video chat representative to determine a chat room's availability.  If available, click on that video chat room to enter and speak with the posted representative.

5. Where do I find the exhibitor briefings?

To attend an exhibitor's technical briefing, log in, click on "presentation" located on the website's left-side navigation menu to open a drop down menu, click on Exhibitor Briefings to open a complete schedule of exhibitor briefings. Click on a briefing to pop up a briefing description and click on the video chat button to join the briefing. Briefings will only be available during the schedule time. An exhibitor technical briefing may also be accessed from an exhibitor's "Technical Briefing tab located on its virtual booth.

6. How do I create a personal itinerary ("My Schedule")?

First-time users: You are welcome to browse the program, but you will not be able to create a personalized "My Schedule" until you are logged in with your VFS member account.

Adding Favorites and creating a My Schedule
Once you are logged in, you can select the star to the right of the session title. Selecting the star allows you to add the session to your itinerary. Once added, you have the ability to view your selected session in the “My Schedule” portion of your profile, manage your favorites and even add comments about the session.

Adding Comments
To add an annotation, you will need to be logged in to your profile. Once you have favorited a session, you can select the favorited session from the search option or select within the “My Schedule” section of your profile. Simply click on the gray square next to the star and add a comment. Once you have added your details the square will turn blue.

View Session Details
Select the title of a session in your search results to open a pop-up box that provides the complete information for that session. You can read the description, speaker bios, and view the learning objectives (if provided). If you decide you would like to add a particular session to your personal itinerary, you may do so by selecting the star next to the title. This turns the session to a "Favorite” and will be designated as a session to add to your personal itinerary.

7.  Can I view the event in my local times?

You can choose to display the event in local times during profile setup. Under the "Name and Location" section, select "Display time in my time zone" and select your time zone in the drop down menu below.  If you hover over the time then you will see the "event time".    

8. I just want to visit the Exhibit Hall.

For current VFS members: Log into the "My VFS" portal to register for Forum 77. Select the fee type "Forum 77 - MEMBER Exhibit Hall Access" and complete the checkout process.

For non-members: Log in or create a user account to register for Forum 77. Select the fee type "Forum 77 - NON-MEMBER Exhibit Hall Access" and complete the checkout process.

9. Can I watch the presentations at a later date?

All Forum 77 registrants will have access to the recorded sessions a few weeks after the Forum, which can be viewed up to one year after Forum.

10. Where do I find the Forum 77 Proceedings?

All Forum 77 registrants will receive online access to the technical written papers, presented during the technical sessions. Access to the proceedings can be found on the "My VFS" dashboard.

11. How do I get copies of the presentations?

The technical presentations are not available to attendees. However, the special session presentations will be made available to attendees after the Forum.

12. Is there an app or scavenger hunt this year?

We are not doing a mobile app this year since everything is online, but you may want to consider using a second screen device to keep track of the all the papers and presentations! There’s no exhibitor scavenger hunt, but we have a random drawing for a $200 Amazon gift card for one exhibit hall attendee each day (Tuesday-Thursday).