Flight Dynamics Model ID and Flight Control Design

Rotorcraft Flight Dynamics Model Identification and Flight Control Design using CIFER® and CONDUIT®

This course will cover practical methods and applications of system identification methods to determine and validate flight dynamics models of rotorcraft from flight test and simulation data. It will also cover practical flight control design and optimization methods to meet modern handling-qualities and flight control specifications. Many flight application examples based on the instructor's broad experience base will be presented throughout the course to demonstrate the methods and results.

The course is taught by Dr. Mark Tischler, a world-recognized expert and prolific author in the fields of aircraft and rotorcraft system identification, flight control, simulation and handling-qualities. Dr. Tischler is a Senior Technologist (ST) for the U.S. Army Aviation Development Directorate and Senior Scientist of the Aeroflightdynamics Directorate (AFDD) at Moffett Field.

The course would be beneficial to new and experienced rotorcraft engineers, researchers, academia, flight test engineers and pilots, and managers interested in an overview of advanced rotorcraft flight dynamics modeling and flight control tools, typical results, and project payoffs. Participants will receive a notebook with all of the course slides and can purchase a signed copy of Dr. Tischler's book on Aircraft and Rotorcraft System Identification for a discounted price.

Course fee: $350.00 USD 

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Monday, May 4, 2015 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Morning (8:00-12): System identification methods to determine and validate flight dynamics models of rotorcraft from flight test and simulation data
  • Special challenges of system identification of rotorcraft dynamics
  • Frequency response method of system identification – why it is a good choice for rotorcraft.
  • Flight test techniques and examples
  • Frequency response identification for:
    • ADS-33 and stability margin analysis
    • Flight control performance validation and trouble shooting
    • Flight simulation validation and fidelity assessment
  • Flight dynamics model identification and verification:
    • transfer function models
    • state-space models
  • Higher-order modeling of rotorcraft and flexible aircraft
  • Development of full-flight envelope simulation from identification results (“model stitching”)
  • Recent rotorcraft applications (manned and unmanned)
  • Demonstration of CIFER® software

Lunch (12-1:00)

Afternoon (1-5PM): Flight control design to meet modern handling-qualities and flight control specifications
  • Special challenges of rotorcraft flight control design
  • Multi-objective, multi-phase optimization method for flight control design – why it is a good choice for rotorcraft.
  • Simulation modeling requirements for flight control design
  • Selection of handling-qualities & flight control specifications (ADS-33, 9490D, etc.)
  • Design examples and trade-offs
  • Including modeling uncertainty – incorporating flight test data directly into design
  • Comparison of classical and modern (LQR) architecture –what are the trade-offs ?
  • Recent applications (manned and unmanned)
  • Demonstration of CONDUIT® software
  • Discussion with attendees on specific areas of interest
  • Course wrap-up

About the Lecturer: Dr. Mark B. Tischler

Mark TischlerMark Tischler is an Army Senior Technologist (ST) and Senior Scientist at the U.S. Army Aviation Development Directorate (ADD-AFDD) at Moffett Field, California. He leads the Flight Control Technology group that conducts rotorcraft handling qualities and flight control research. Research applications include a wide variety of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). He headed the development of two widely-used commercial tools for dynamics analysis and control (CIFER® and CONDUIT®).

Dr. Tischler has authored or co-authored over 130 technical papers and reports. He was the organizing editor and contributing author to the book Advances in Aircraft Flight Control (AIAA and Taylor & Francis, 1996) and author of the textbook Aircraft and Rotorcraft System Identification (AIAA, 2006). An expanded 2nd Edition of his book on system identification was published by AIAA in 2012. He has won numerous awards from the US Army and the NASA for his work in rotorcraft flight dynamics and control. He is a Technical Fellow of the AHS and received the Presidential Distinguished Rank Award for Senior Professionals in 2009.

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