Rotorcraft Technology

This 6-hour short course is designed to present the fundamental technology concepts associated with helicopters to professional personnel who have not had a formal introduction to rotorcraft. Upon completion of the lectures, the attendees will have a better appreciation of the helicopter complexities, a working knowledge of the helicopter terminology/vocabulary, and design practices.

The lectures will focus on practical applications of the distinct classical engineering disciplines: dynamics, aerodynamics, mechanics of materials – and how these disciplines are interrelated in the modern helicopter.

The mathematical basis will be briefly covered, but the emphasis will be on the practical applications. Specific topics to be covered include: helicopter configurations, requirements for rotor blades and hubs, isolated rotor aerodynamics, fuselage vibrations, handling qualities, and the helicopter design process.

The lectures will be supplemented with actual helicopter hardware and video clips illustrating the lecture topics.

Class handouts will include all PowerPoint files, video clips, and a copy of the text "Introduction to Helicopter Analysis" (as a pdf file).

Registration information

Dr. BennettLecturer: The course is taught by Dr. Richard L. (Dick) Bennett.

Dr. Bennett retired from Bell Helicopter's research department in 2001, after thirty-five years of focusing primarily on the areas of rotor aeroelasticity, helicopter flight simulation, and active fuselage vibration control systems. Since retirement he has served as rotorcraft consultant to Lockheed Martin, Boeing Helicopters, Sikorsky, LORD Corporation, BAE, Moog, Bell Helicopter, and the National Research Council Canada. He has been a long-time lecturer at The Pennsylvania State University’s “Rotary Wing Technology Short Course.”

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