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Short Course on Electric VTOL Technology
Monday, May 6, 2024
Price: US$450 pp/$250 full-time students
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The Vertical Flight Society’s signature eVTOL class provides in-depth coverage of industry-standard battery systems development (BAE Systems), advanced high-power hybrid-electric hardware (LaunchPoint), PEM fuel cells and hydrogen propulsion and as always, the fundamentals of Vertical Lift and rotor aeromechanics (NASA Ames) from design to state-of-the-art in acoustics (Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center, University of Maryland).

Organized by the VFS eVTOL Technical Committee, this multi-presenter course provides an overview of the unique challenges and opportunities of this new class of vehicles. Both electric and hybrid-electric passenger carrying vertical flight  aircraft are covered for a variety of missions ranging from personal/private use to urban air taxis to regional electric VTOL bizjets.

Video recordings of both short courses from Forum 79, as well as other VFS Short Courses, can be purchased via Vimeo.