AHS International's 24 Hour Hover Challenge

The Official Rules for
AHS International’s Igor I. Sikorsky 24 Hour Hover Challenge
are now available!

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Igor I. Sikorsky photoOn May 18, 2016, at Forum 72, AHS International and Sikorsky Aircraft announced a new vertical flight competition:
The AHS International Igor I. Sikorsky 24 Hour Hover Challenge. [Sikorsky press release]

This competition will be conducted in the same vein as AHS International's Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition, also sponsored by Sikorsky, and also honoring the company founder, Igor I. Sikorsky. This prize was won after 33 years by AeroVelo in June 2013.

“Just like the Human Powered Helicopter Competition, the statement is simple, but the solution may be technically very complex. We hope the Challenge sparks the next generation of aviation engineers with great ideas to try to do something that may be impossible,” said Mike Hirschberg, Executive Director of AHS International.

AHS International — The Vertical Flight Technical Society — is partnering with Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company for this competition in order to inspire innovative thinkers with an incredibly difficult challenge: hover a heavier-than-air flying machine for 24 hours, while still demonstrating other typical helicopter attributes. 

AHS 24 Hour Hover Challenge logoWe're very excited to kick off this new challenge. The Official Rules for the AHS International Igor I. Sikorsky 24 Hour Hover Challenge go into the competition details, but in summary, the requirements are to demonstrate the following key characteristics in flight:

  • Hover for at least 24 hours, over three different stations that are 1 km apart
  • Carry 80 kg payload, simulating the approximate weight of an adult human (176.4 lb)
  • Unoccupied, to minimize the risk of injury

Questions about the Rules? Please send them to the 24-Hour Hover Challenge Team. All questions and their answers will be posted here. 

Q1: Is there is a limit on the maximum size of the vehicle? The maximum rotor diameter or if the vehicle should fit inside a box of certain size. I did not see that explicitly stated in the rules.

A1: No limit on the size of the vehicle. The Reference Point of the vehicle determines its position, not the gross dimensions of the vehicle.

At Forum 73, on May 10, 2017, AHS International hosted an invited session on VTOL Prizes, which included these two presentations: 

Founded in 1943 as the "American Helicopter Society," AHS International today is the world's premier vertical flight technical society. The Society is the global resource for information on vertical flight technology. It provides global leadership for scientific, technical, educational and legislative initiatives that advance the state of the art of vertical flight.

Updated Aug. 9, 2017