Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows

The title of Honorary Fellow is granted to highly distinguished Society members who have made exceptional leadership, innovative or other meritorious contributions that have significantly advanced AHS International and the vertical flight community during their career. The granting of Honorary Fellows is in perpetuity, and a certificate and life membership in the Society is given to each Honorary Fellow elected. No more than two such awards are given in any single year.

  • Dr. Arvind Kumar Sinha
  • Director of Engineering, Helicopter Systems Division, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group
  • Australian Department of Defence

For a career in helicopter operations, academia and government leadership.
Dr. Arvind Kumar Sinha is Director of Engineering, Helicopter Systems Division, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, Department of Defence, Australia. He has had an extensive, successful career in support of military helicopters. Both in India and Australia, Dr Sinha has been exceptional in his passion and commitment to making aircraft more effective and safer. Dr. Sinha has served as the President of the AHS Australia Chapter, the principal organizer of numerous AHS and other technical conferences, and Director of the Asia-Australia Region on the AHS International Board of Directors. A former Professor and Director of Aerospace and Aviation Research Centre at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, he holds two undergraduate and three postgraduate degrees, and a PhD in aerospace engineering. He has been in active military service as an engineering officer and combatant paratrooper over two decades.
  • Steven D. Weiner
  • Chief Engineer for the Sikorsky-Boeing Joint Multi-Role Rotorcraft (JMR) and Chief Engineer of Innovations
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.

For 40+ years of innovation and leadership at Sikorsky Aircraft
Steven D. Weiner is the Chief Engineer for the Sikorsky-Boeing Joint Multi-Role Rotorcraft (JMR) and Chief Engineer of Innovations at Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company. He has been an active AHS member since 1976 has provided significant leadership in the design, build and test of many of the highest performance helicopters ever flown. Among numerous other accomplishments, Weiner personally lead the technical activity that successfully demonstrated the 252 kt (467 km/hr), Collier Award-winning X2 Technology Demonstrator, and was instrumental on the development of technologies for the RAH-66 Comanche. He holds two masters degrees and eight patents related to Fantail anti-torque systems and X2 Technology.
  • Dr. Michael S. Torok
  • Vice President for the CH-53K Program
  • Sikorsky Airccraft
  • Tommie L. Wood
  • Senior Technical Fellow
  • Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
  • Philip J. Dunford
  • VP/Operating Executive, Boeing Military Aircraft
  • The Boeing Company
  • L. Kim Smith
  • Deputy Director Emeritus
  • AHS International (Ret.)
  • Robert Bossler
  • Drive System Consultant
  • Bossler Technical Service
  • Nicholas Lappos
  • Senior Technical Fellow
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
  • Arthur Linden
  • Joint Program Office (JPO) Manager (Ret.)
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. (Ret.)
  • Prof. Akira Azuma
  • Professor Emeritus
  • University of Tokyo (Ret.)
  • Albert Winn
  • Former Vice President Attack Helicopter Programs
  • The Boeing Company (Ret.)
  • David Matuska
  • CH-53K Chief of Test
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
  • M.E. 'Rhett' Flater
  • Executive Director Emeritus
  • AHS International (Ret.)
  • Larry F. Plaster
  • Manager for Apache Modernization Programs
  • The Boeing Company
  • John M. Davis
  • Former Chief, Aviation Advanced Design Office
  • Aeroflightdynamics Directorate, US Army
  • Kenneth L. Lauck
  • Lead Rotorcraft Head Design
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
  • Dr. Inderjit Chopra
  • Professor and Director of the Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center
  • University of Maryland
  • Roy G. Fox
  • Chief of Flight Safety
  • Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
  • Michael D. Blake
  • Executive Vice President, Programs
  • Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
  • Dr. E. Roberts Wood
  • Professor Emeritus
  • US Naval Postgraduate School
  • Barry J. Baskett
  • Former Associate Director, Aviation Technology
  • US Dept. of the Army
  • Thomas E. Laux
  • Program Executive Officer, Anti-Sub Warfare, Assault and Special Mission Programs
  • US Dept. of the Navy
  • Edwin W. Aiken
  • Chief
  • NASA Ames Research Center (Ret.)
  • Somen Chowdhury
  • Manager, International Research
  • Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited
  • Dr. Tomoari Nagashima
  • Professor Emeritus
  • National Defense Academy
  • Cecil Richardson
  • Lockheed Martin Corp. (Ret.)
  • John R. Murphey
  • Chairman and CEO
  • Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
  • Akira Sato
  • Consulting Engineer
  • Churyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Roger A. Krone
  • Vice President/General Manager, Army Programs
  • The Boeing Company/Aircraft & Missiles
  • David J. Weller
  • Director, Advanced Systems Directorate (ASD), Aviation & Missile Research, Development & Engineering Center (AMRDEC)
  • US Army Aviation & Missile Command (AMCOM)
  • Harry Pember
  • Myron Michael Kawa, Jr.
  • George T. Singley, III
  • S. Michael Hudson
  • Marc Sheffler
  • Motoi Yoshiwaka
  • Gary F. Rast
  • Dr. Andrew Z. Lemnios
  • Webb F. Joiner
  • William J. Snyder
  • Dr. Jing Yen
  • Robert D. Powell
  • Robert J. Huston
  • Gary P. Smith
  • Dean C. Borgman
  • Emmett Knight
  • John Shaw
  • Dev Banerjee
  • Allen Schoen
  • Dean E. Cooper
  • Barnes McCormick
  • Walter G.O. Sonneborn
  • William W. Walls Jr.
  • W. Euan Hooper
  • Kenneth Rosen
  • Julian L. Jenkins Jr.
  • Andrew H. Logan
  • Thomas L. House
  • Andrew W. Kerr
  • Paolo Bellavita
  • William Kuczynski
  • David S. Jenney
  • Richard B. Lewis
  • Kenneth Amer
  • Fred Smith
  • Jack G. Real
  • Robert Zincone
  • William J. Crawford, III
  • Raymond W. Prouty
  • James F. Atkins
  • Wieslaw Z. Stepniewski
  • John B. Wheatley
  • Story C. Stevens, Maj Gen
  • US Army
  • Charles C. Crawford Jr.
  • Franklin D. Harris
  • Dr. W. Laurence LePage
  • Leon L. Douglas
  • Evan A. Fradenburgh
  • Jan M. Drees
  • Dr. Alfred Gessow
  • Edward S. Carter Jr.
  • Richard L. Wernecke
  • Alfred L. Wolf
  • Heinrich K. Adenstedt
  • Wayne Wiesner
  • Harry Lounsbury
  • Executive Secretary (Ret.)
  • American Helicopter Society
  • Harry T. Jensen
  • Rene Mouille
  • Dr. Richard Carlson
  • Dr. William P. Jones
  • Robert R. Lynn

For twenty-three years of outstanding helicopter and V/STOL research contributions.
  • Robert J. Tapscott

For outstanding contributions to helicopter development including research in rotary wing aerodynamics, dynamics and testing.
  • Edward Katzenberger
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.

One of the founders of the Society, who has been responsible in whole or in part for Sikorsky helicopter designs, and whose concepts and innovations have played a major role in the success of rotary-wing aircraft.
  • Dr. Gerhard Sissingh

For his early recognition of problems inherent in the rotor mechanisms of helicopters, his pioneering and successful solutions to rotor operation, and for these significant contributions to helicopter flight over a period of more than 30 years.
  • Charles W. Ellis

For sustained and outstanding service and achievement in furthering the advancement of rotary wing aircraft while employed by Kaman Aircraft and now by Boeing Vertol as Director of Technology for the Vertol Division. He is a past Technical Director of the American Helicopter Society and has served the Society faithfully over many years.
  • Charles L. ("Les") Morris

For his incomparable record of contributions to the development of rotary wing flight. A founder of the A.H.S., its second president, the first commercially licensed rotary wing pilot and instructor, he completed the first autorotation, and taught the first Twirly Birds to fly.
  • Hans Weichsel, Jr.

For early flight test work at Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc. and for his continued efforts in promoting the use of helicopters and for his many contributions to the work of the American Helicopter Society.
  • Bernard Lindenbaum
  • Deputy for Studies and Analyses in V/STOL Technology Division of the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory
  • Dept. of US Air Force

For notable and meritorious service in the advancement of rotary wing aeronautics during his more than 25 years of service as a civilian employee of the Air Force and his contributions to the technical activities of the American Helicopter Society.
  • Robert A. Wagner
  • Director of Aeronautical Engineering Division
  • Hughes Tool Company, Aircraft Division

For his unselfish devotion to the objectives of the American Helicopter Society and his contributions to the rotary wing art.
  • Harvey Gaylord
  • President
  • Bell Aerospace Corp.

For outstanding and remarkable achievement in the development of the helicopter industry, and for his fostering of vertical flight philosophy at the highest levels of American business.
  • Dr. Henry R. Velkoff
  • Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept.
  • Ohio State University

For continuous contributions to helicopter and VTOL technology including planning of governmental research programs and important work in the related field of higher education.
  • Dr. James A.J. Bennett
  • Assistant Superintendent, College of Aeronautics
  • Cranfield University

For his pioneering scientific efforts directed toward the advancement of vertical lift aircraft, and for his leadership in education in this field.
  • Charles M. Seibel
  • Chief Experimental Project Engineer
  • Bell Helicopter Company

For his many inventive contributions to helicopter design and development.
  • Woodrow L. Cook
  • Assistant Chief Full-Scale and Systems Research Div., Ames Research Center
  • NASA
  • Ralph B. Lightfoot
  • Engineering Manager Sikorsky Aircraft Division
  • United Aircraft Corp.
  • Dr. Robert G. Loewy
  • Chief Scientist
  • Dept. of US Air Force
  • John P. Reeder
  • Assistant Chief Flight Mechanics and Technology Division, Langley Research Center
  • NASA
  • Charles W. Kuehne
  • Deputy for Systems Management, Headquarters, Aeronautical Systems Division (ASZT) Air Force Systems Command
  • Dept. of US Air Force
  • Herbert M. Toomey
  • Project Manager, Project Management Staff-FS-103, Engineering and Manufacturing Division, Flight Standards Service
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Ralph P. Alex
  • Chief, Research & Development Sales Application, Sikorsky Aircraft Division
  • United Aircraft Corp.
  • Joseph Mashman
  • Assistant Vice President
  • Bell Helicopter Company
  • Robert Strange
  • Rotary Wing Flight Test
  • US Naval Air Test Center
  • Michael E. Gluhareff
  • Engineering Consultant, Sikorsky Aircraft Division
  • United Aircraft Corp.
  • Hamilton H. Howze, Lt Gen
  • Commanding Officer, 18th Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, North Carolina
  • US Army
  • Don Ryan Mockler
  • Director, Vertical Lift Aircraft Council
  • Aerospace Industries Association
  • Bartram Kelley
  • Vice President - Engineering
  • Bell Helicopter Company
  • Clarence W. Moore
  • Executive Vice President
  • Chicago Helicopter Airways, Inc.
  • John O. Emmerson
  • Vice-President - Engineering
  • Kaman Aircraft Corp.
  • Igor Alex ("Prof") Sikorsky
  • Chief Aerodynamicist
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Division
  • Carlyle C. Agar and , USA
  • Vice President-Research & Training, Okanagan Helicopters, Ltd.
  • Okanagan Helicopters, Ltd.
  • BG William B. Bunker
  • Commanding General, Transportation Supply and Maintenance Command
  • US Army
  • Rene H. Miller
  • Associate Professor
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • COL Robert Williams
  • President, US Army Aviation Board, Fort Rucker, Alabama
  • US Army
  • Jean Ross Howard
  • Assistant to the Director, Helicopter Council
  • Aircraft Industries Association
  • S. Paul Johnston
  • Director
  • Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences
  • Jackson E. Beighle
  • Sales Manager
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Division
  • Freidrich L. Von Doblhoff
  • Helicopter Chief Engineer
  • McDonnell Aircraft Corp.
  • Anton Flettner
  • President
  • Flettner Aircraft Corp.
  • CMDR William G. Knapp
  • Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department
  • US Navy
  • Floyd Carlson
  • Chief Test Pilot, Helicopter Division
  • Bell Aircraft Corp.
  • Ferdinand D. Moran
  • Examiner
  • Civil Aeronautics Board
  • Kurt H. Hohenemser
  • Chief of Aerodynamics, Helicopter Division
  • McDonnell Aircraft Corp.
  • Dimitry D. Viner
  • Chief Test Pilot, Sikorsky Aircraft Division
  • United Aircraft Corp.
  • Lawrence D. Bell
  • President
  • Bell Aircraft Corp.
  • Bernard L. Whelan
  • General Manager, Sikorsky Aircraft Division
  • United Aircraft Corp.
  • BG Clayton C. Jerome
  • Director of Aviation and Assistant Commandant for Air
  • US Marine Corps
  • Stanley Hiller, Jr.
  • Founder, President
  • Hiller Aircraft Corp.
  • Charles H. Kaman
  • Founder, President
  • Kaman Aircraft Corp.
  • L. Welch Pogue
  • Clarence H. Belinn
  • Boris P. Labensky
  • Frank N. Piasecki
  • Founder, Chairman
  • Piasecki Helicopter Corp.

Outstanding contributions to the field of helicopter development for the year of 1945-1946.
  • Dr. Alexander Klemin
  • Director/Dean (1925-45)
  • Guggenheim School of Aeronautics at New York University College of Engineering

Outstanding contributions to the field of helicopter development through consulation and education.
  • Arthur M. Young
  • Bell Aircraft Corp.
  • CMDR Frank Erickson
  • Commander
  • United States Coast Guard
  • Igor I. Sikorsky
  • Engineering Manager
  • Sikorsky Aircraft
  • COL H. Franklin Gregory
  • US Army Air Corps