Supplier Excellence Award

Supplier Excellence Award

Created in 1995, the AHS Supplier Excellence Award is given to a supplier who, through the quality, innovativeness and cost-effective technology of its products, has made a notable contribution to improving the state of the art of vertical flight aircraft.

  • LORD Corporation

For its integral part in the flight‑demonstrate the Zero‑Vibe system on AATD UH‑60M Black Hawk team.
  • The Triumph Group

For outstanding performance on development programs at Sikorsky, specifically the design and build of the S-97 Raider landing gear and the build of the S-97 Raider transmission
  • KUKA Systems Corporation Aerospace Group

For extraordinary performance as the tooling integrator for the assembly of the Bell 525 Relentless
  • Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation

For the extraordinary performance in the fabrication and delivery execution of forty two S-92 helicopter cockpits in 2013
  • Aurora Flight Sciences

For flawless execution of main rotor pylon design and nacelle fabrication for the Sikorsky Aircraft/U.S. Marine Corps CH-53K
  • Garmin International, Inc.

Given for the G1000H integrated flight deck, the first Garmin integrated avionics system to be modified, installed and certified to meet the helicopter environment and vibration requirements
  • GKN Aerospace

For displaying "best in class" performance on the Sikorsky Aircraft CH-53K program as Airframe Supplier Lead.
  • Aero Vodochody

For producing the complete S-76 helicopter airframe for Sikorsky Aircraft which is ready for installation of dynamic components upon arrival at Sikorsky.
Additionally, Aero Vodochody has maintained a 100 percent on time delivery rating for the S-76 aircraft, while at the same time participating in the development phases of the new S-76D aircraft. Aero Vodochody is based in Prague, The Czech Republic.
  • Sikorsky Aerospace Services
From material distribution, field services, and overhaul and repair, to personalized fleet management solutions and customized training, SAS demonstrated in 2008 an ability to design a sophisticated life-cycle management solution that leverages its wide range of capabilities and specialties offered through its component companies, Helicopter Support Inc., Derco Aerospace, Composite Technology, Sikorsky-Helitech, and Sikorsky Aerospace Maintenance
  • No Award Presented
  • The H-53 Engine Team
  • GE Aviation
Distinguishing themselves by their efforts to deliver improved T64 engines components, establish improved T64 engine logistics support processes, and become the engine provider for the new CH-53K heavy lift helicopter.
  • Electronic Systems Business Unit
  • Honeywell Aerospace

For developing the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) to improve pilot's situational awareness and helicopter safety.
  • The Protective Materials Co.
Developing and supplying the Marine Corps with protective armor kits for H-53 helicopters supporting combat operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere throughout the world.
  • Fuel and Utility Systems
  • Goodrich Corporation
  • Rolls Royce AE1107C Liberty Propulsion System Team
  • Rolls-Royce
Team representatives - James Haney, Stuart Mullan, James Jackson and Steve Fromknecht, Rools Royce; Col. Paul Crossetiere, USMC; Commander Steve Malloy, USN; Major Ullmark, USMC, V-22 Program Office
  • Helicopter Support, Inc.
  • The Purdy Corporation

For supplying transmissions, gearbox components and kits for 54 years with a superb performance record.
  • Martin-Baker Aircraft Company

The company has been an outstanding contributor to the helicopter crew comfort and safety with seat designs.
John Martin, Co-Chairman of the company got this prestigious award.
  • No Award Presented
  • No Award Presented
  • Hamilton Standard
  • Lord Corporation