Frederick L. Feinberg Award

Frederick L. Feinberg Award

Since 1961, the Frederick L. Feinberg award has been presented to the pilot or crew of a vertical flight aircraft who demonstrated outstanding skills or achievement during the preceding calendar year. It honors the memory of an outstanding helicopter test pilot and an exemplary person. The award consists of a stipend ($200), the engraving of the recipient’s name on a plaque, and an individual plaque.

  • 8th Special Operations Squadron
  • U.S. Air Force

For their conspicuous acts of valor during flight while deployed in support of ongoing combat and humanitarian assistance operations in CV‑22B Osprey three‑ship formation assigned to Joint Special Operations Command as part of "Advise, Assist and Accompany" operations for African Mission in Somalia.
  • Troy Caudill
  • Bell Helicopter

For testing the world's first fly-by-wire commercial helicopter and establishing the Bell 525 design requirements during initial development, testing its redundancy management architecture, assisting with certification plans, and coordinating 525 pilot training
  • The Crew ofHigh Altitude Aviation Test Site (HAATS) Black Hawk
  • Army National Guard

For back-to-back rescues of injured mountaineers in September 2014 after climbers were severely injured in unrelated mountaineering accidents on two of Colorado's 14,000 ft (4.3 km) peaks
  • Pilots and Crew of RESCUE118

The Sikorsky S-61N crew made a heroic nighttime rescue on May 15, 2013, saving the life of an injured climber above a 1,200 ft (365 m) sheer drop in the Bluestack Mountains in severe weather, hovering a halfrotor diameter's distance from the cliff face for 20 minutes
  • No Award Presented
  • LT Scott F. Chirgwin
  • US Navy

Recognized for his actions during Operation Tomodachi, the disaster relief mission after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Despite the unknown radiological risks, LT Chirgwin assisted in delivering 440,500 pounds of materials such as food, water and medical supplies to over 34,000 people
  • Kevin L. Bredenbeck
  • X2 Technology Demonstrator, Director Flight Operations, Chief Test Pilot and Project Test Pilot
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.

For being the only person to ever fly the X2 Technology Demonstrator aircraft, and being a principal contributor to the September 2010 successful achievement of the program's primary performance objective of reaching 250 knots and thus exceeding the previous speed record for helicopters in the X2's weight class.
  • Roy Hopkins and Jeff Greenwood
  • Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
  • The Crew of the Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter CGNR 6007
In recognition of their extraordinary rescue efforts to save crew members of the F/V ALASKA RANGER, a 200 foot trawler, which was sinking in the Bering Sea 120 nm west of Dutch Harbor, Alaska after losing its rudder. The crew of the CGNR 6007 JAYHAWK saved 15 lives while battling some of the most harrowing sea conditions. Their actions coordinated were coordinated with four other air and surface assets which combined to save 42 lives in one of the largest cold water rescues in modern history.
  • First Polar Team of Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill
In recognition of their extraordinary world record setting accomplishment on May 23, 2007 in flying around the world from the Arctic Pole to the Antarctic Pole in a Bell 407 helicopter.
  • Aircrew of Dustoff 57 - Operation Mountain Lion
On April 23, 2006 rescued a soldier in Afghanistan who had lost his footing and fell over 30 feet down a mountainside. Based on the crew's meticulous flight planning and understanding of the aircraft, they were able to safely execute the dangerous hoist mission at 10,500 MSL and save their fallen comrade.
  • Blackhawks Squadron, HM-15
  • US Navy

In 2005 performed disaster relief missions in Indonesia following the southeast Asia Tsunamic, in New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast following Hurricane's Katrina and Rita, as well as earthquake relief operations in Pakistan following the October 8, 2005 earthquake which devastated that country.
  • Capt. Ryan Welch and CW2 Justin Taylor
  • US Army
Performed a dangerous nighttime extraction in their Apache helicopter of two injured US Army Kiowa helicopter pilots who were shot down in Iraq in October 2004.
  • Roy Hopkins II
  • Principal Experimental Test Pilot
  • Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
  • Super Blue Hawk (S-70) Rescue Crews for the SS Yuansheng No. 2 Barge Rescue
  • Republic of China Air Force
  • 15th and 26th Marine Expeditionary Units, Camp Rhino Insertion Aircrews
  • US Marine Corps
  • Air Station Elizabeth City - SeaBreeze I Rescue Aircrews
  • US Coast Guard
  • TheRotorcraft Precision Terminal Procedures Program
  • NRTC/FAA/Industry
  • V-22 Tiltrotor Pilot Staff
  • Bell, Boeing, NAWCAD
  • The Pilot Staff of the RAH-66 Comanche Combined Test Team
  • No Award Presented
  • Jon S. Dickens
  • Ray Eche, Doug Pense, and Dave Wright
  • Era Aviation
  • Crew of HH-60J CG 6008
  • US Coast Guard
  • Leo Meslin and Dwayne Williams
  • HMH 461
  • US Marine Corps
  • B Co., 4th Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment
  • US Army
  • LT David R. McCormick
  • US Coast Guard
  • Nicholas Lappos
  • Charles A. Parlier and W. Edward Wilson
  • US World Helicopter Championship Team
  • John S. Tulloch and A. Lynn Freisner
  • COL Robert L. Stewart
  • US Army
  • MAJ Edward C. Traasdahl
  • US Marine Corps
  • John J. Shapley
  • CPT Stephen Kee and CWO George Chrest
  • US Army
  • LT John P. Currier
  • US Coast Guard
  • Dorman A. Cannon and Ronald G. Erhart
  • Walter J. Hodgson (posthumously)
  • LT James D. Stiles
  • Ramon J. A. Gibson
  • LCDR Joseph L. Crowe, Jr.
  • US Coast Guard
  • MAJ Eugene L. Richardson
  • US Army
  • Azel J. Hutto, Jr.
  • Henry Whitfield
  • Ag Rotors Inc.

For heroic helicopter rescue operations in Pennsylvania during Hurricane Agnes.
  • LCDR Paul R. Lewis
  • US Coast Guard

For an heroic sea rescue of an ill crewman from a merchant ship at night and under extremely hazardous weather conditions.
  • Louis M. Hartwig
  • Experimental Test Pilot
  • Bell Helicopter Co.

For his significant contributions to Helicopter Research and Development and, in particular, for the flight program on the AVLABS-Bell high performance helicopter.
  • 1st LT Joseph P. Donovan
  • US Marine Corps
  • Ronald L. Diggins
  • Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.

For outstanding display of piloting skill and personal bravery in rescuing a man trapped on a burning oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico August 21, 1968.
  • CPT Jerome R. Daly
  • Infantry Officers' Advanced Course, Class 68-3, 20th Co., 2nd Student Battalion Student Brigade
  • US Army

For outstanding achievement in the development of tactics and techniques of helicopter aerial gunnery, smoke laying, and night search and destroy missions, heroically demonstrated under fire on Easter Sunday, 1967, in RVN.
  • Robert G. Ferry
  • Chief Engineering Test Pilot
  • Hughes Tool Company, Aircraft Division

For his outstanding airmanship, initiative and planning in successfully accomplishing a solo, transcontinental, world-distance-record flight in a light helicopter.
  • Delford M. Smith
  • President
  • Evergreen Helicopters

For risking his life and his helicopter to rescue a teenage girl from an extremely restricted location on a flooded island in the rapidly rising Yamhill River, at night and under severe adverse weather conditions.
  • COL George P. Seneff
  • Director of Army Aviation
  • US Army

For his personal efforts in developing and testing flight techniques of the 11th Aviation Group, the largest tactical aviation organization of its kind. For organizing and equipping a mobile striking force built around the use of rotary-wing type aircraft.
  • Winford Alan Newton (posthumously)
  • Chief Test Pilot
  • Kaman Aircraft Corporation

For his dedication and skill in rotary wing flight test and development. He was among the earliest licensed helicopter pilots and pioneer commercial operators. He managed seven successful world record assaults and was recognized throughout industry and the military for his contributions to and ability in the art of helicopter test flying.
  • LT Robert W. Crafton and CPT Louis K. Keck
  • Naval Air Test Center
  • US Navy and US Marine Corps

For establishing an official helicopter speed performance in excess of 200 miles per hour. On February 5, 1962 they flew an SH-JA over a 19 Kilometer course at an average speed of 210.6 miles per hour. In so doing they exhibited exceptional piloting skill and a willingness to undertake a hazardous flight operation in order to advance helicopter state-of-the-art.
  • LTC F.M. Carney
  • Commander, 3638th Flying Training Squadron (Helicopter)
  • US Air Force

For the establishment of four new world records for helicopters on 18 and 24 October, 1961. The records established were the maximum altitude for a Class EID helicopter and three time-to-climb records for all types of helicopters.
  • Link Luckett
  • President
  • Hill-i-Copters, Inc.

For the rescue of two mountain climbers from the 18,000 foot level of Mt. McKinley.
  • MAJ William J. Davis and CPT Walter J. Hodgson
  • US Air Force

In recognition of their new world altitude record for class E1D helicopters, exceeding the previous record by over 8,000 feet.