Robert L. Lichten Award

Robert L. Lichten Award

Established to provide an incentive to VFS members, who have not previously presented the results of their work at a technical forum, to begin presenting their work at local and regional VFS meetings.

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  • Ms. Chloe Johnson
  • University of Texas at Austin

Ms. Chloe Johnson of University of Texas at Austin was selected as the overall Lichten Winner. Her winning paper, “Experimental Measurements and Low-Order Modeling of Stacked Rotor Performance in Hover,” will be presented at Forum 76 on Wednesday afternoon, October 7, during the Advanced Vertical Flight II session. Ms. Johnson was also the winner of the VFS Southwest US Region Lichten Competition.
  • Benjamin Leon
  • Georgia Institute of Technology

For his winning paper, “Ground and Flight Tests of a Cable-Driven Four-Bar Linkage Robotic Landing Gear for Rotorcraft”
Mr. Benjamin León (right) from the Georgia Institute of Technology was the 2019 international winner of the Robert L. Lichten Award. He was presented his award by VFS Technical Director AndyKeith.
  • Alberto Rigo
  • Politecnico di Milano

For his winning paper, “Numerical Evaluation of Gust Loads on Tiltrotor”
  • Carolyn Walther
  • Graduate Student in the Department of Aerospace Engineering
  • Texas A&M University

For her paper, "Experimental and Computational Studies to Understand Unsteady Aerodynamics of Cycloidal Rotors in Hover at Ultralow Reynolds Numbers."
  • Carl Runco
  • Texas A&M University
  • Isaac R. Bandy
  • MTS Systems Corporation
  • Raymond Beale
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
  • Brent Pafford
  • University of Texas, Austin
  • Erez Eller
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
  • Gregory M. Neiswander
  • San Jose State University Research Associate
  • US Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate

For his paper, "Improving Deceleration Guidance for Rotorcraft Brownour Landing."
  • Mohammad Ali Rafiee
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

For his paper “Next Generation Graphene Nanocomposites for Rotorcraft Structural Applications.”
  • Laura Buck
  • Yvonne T. Fuchs

"Vertical Drop Testing and Analysis of the WASP Helicopter Skid Gear"
  • Jonathan Mitchell
"Suppressing Vibrations in the BA609 Tiltrotor: Flight Testing and Innovative Solution."
  • J. S. Wilson
  • Jonathan Garhart
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

For his paper “Implementation of Carbon Fiber Composites in Rotorcraft Transmission Housing Applications.”
  • Jongmin Kim
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

For his paper "Flow Control Strategies for Improved Aerodynamic Efficiency of Micro-Rotorcraft."
  • Cheng-Ho Tho
  • Bell Helicopters Textron Inc.

His paper was entitled "Efficient Helicopter Skid Landing Gear Dynamic Drop Simulation Using LS-DYNA."
  • Geoffrey Jeram
  • Georgia Institute of Technology

His paper was entitled, "Open Design for Helicopter Active Control Systems."
  • Marc Gervais
  • University of Maryland

For his paper entitled, "Tiltrotor Blade-Vortex Interaction Noise Control Through Non-Unique Longitudinal Forum Trim."
  • Craig P. Fuehne
  • Graduate Student
  • Washington University of St. Louis

The paper is judged on the author's organization and clarity, originality and relevance of the work, and its technical content.
Fuehne's paper is entitled "Application of Generalized Floquet Theory to Ground Resonance Data."
  • LCDR, Robert L. King
  • US Navy
  • Joseph F. Horn
  • Graduate Student
  • Georgia Institute of Technology

His paper was judged on the author's organization and clarity, originality and relevance of the work, and its technical content.
Horn's paper is entitled "Flight Envelope Cueing on a Tltrotor Aircraft Using Neural Network Limit Prediction."
  • Bryan S. Cotton
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.

For his paper entitled,"Autonomous Flight of the Cypher UAV."
  • Andreas P.F. Bernhard
  • University of Maryland

For his paper entitled "Development and Hover Testing of a Smart Trailing Edge Flap with a Piezo-Induced Bending Torsion Coupled Actuator."
  • Jeffrey Keller
  • Jeff Evernham
  • Carl Bauer
  • The Boeing Company

Carl Bauer, the Boeing Company, presented this year's Robert L. Lichten Award for his paper entitled "A Landing and Takeoff Control Law for Unique-Trim, Fly-by-Wire Rotorcraft Flight Control Systems."
Carl Bauer, right accepts the Lichten Award from the Society's Technical Director, Dr. John Shaw.
  • Hieu T. Ngo
  • D. Dale Davis
  • US Army Aerostructures Directorate

For his paper "Detailed Analysis and Test Correlations of a Stiffened Composite Wing Panel."
  • Joshua Gordis
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

For his paper, "A Frequency Domain Theory for Structural Identification", at the opening session of the European Rotorcraft Forum.
  • Earl P. Duque
  • Brian Hamilton
  • Dwayne Kimball
  • Bell Helicopter Textron
  • Barbara Townsend
  • NASA Ames

Barbara Townsend, a former Vertical Flight Foundation scholarship winner, won Robert L. Lichten award. Her winning Lichten paper was "The Application of Quadratic Optimal Cooperative Control Synthesis to a CH-47 Helicopter."
In the photo, Zincone, left and VFS (then AHS) Technical Director David S. Jenney, right, recognized Lichten Award winner Barbara Townsend, NASA Ames.
  • Michael Lewis
  • AVSCOM Aeromechanics Laboratory
  • Mark Davis
  • United Technologies Research Center

For his technical paper, "Development and Evaluation of a Generic Active Helicopter Vibration Controller".
  • Todd R. Quackenbush

For his paper entitled "Testing and Evaluation of a Stall Flutter Suppression System Based On Individual Blade Control".
  • Raymond S. Hansen and Jon P. Rogers

Hansen's paper is entitled, "Toward A Better Understanding of Helicopter Stability Derivatives", and Rogers' paper is on the "Application of an Analytical Stall Model to Rotor Dynamics Analysis".
Raymond S. Hansen of NASA Ames Research Center, and Jon P. Rogers of Washington University.
  • Shyi-Yaung Chen
  • Graduate student
  • Washington University

Chen's paper is entitled, "Stability and Vibration of Two-Bladed Aeroelastic Rotors on Flexible Supports." Chen presented his paper at the Dynamics Session of the Forum, and it was published in the Journal of AHS.
  • Kenneth P. Leighton
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Leighton received the Lichten award for his paper entitled, "Research on Model Helicopter Rotor Blade Slap at Moderate Tip Speeds", presented at a Northeast Regional meeting of the American Helicopter Society.
  • Ivo Zvolanek
  • David P. Chappell
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Aeromechanics Laboratory, U. S. Army AVRADCOM

For his paper entitled "Monitoring of Fatigue Loading on Prop-Rotor Systems and Related Components During Tests of the XV-15 Research Aircraft".
The Lichten Award is given to the author of the best technical paper presented at an AHS regional meeting during the preceding calendar year. It is based on the author's personal contribution, originality of the work, and technical content.
  • Debashis Banerjee
  • Research Assistant
  • Washington University in St. Louis

For the best technical paper presented in AHS regional meeting.
  • Thomas W. Sheehy
  • Aerodynamicist
  • Sikorsky Aircraft, Aeromechanics Branch

For the author of the best technical paper given at a regional meeting during the preceding calendar year. His paper was "A General Review of Helicopter Hub Drag."

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