Supplier Excellence Award

Supplier Excellence Award

Created in 1995, the VFS Supplier Excellence Award is given to a supplier who, through the quality, innovativeness and cost-effective technology of its products, has made a notable contribution to improving the state of the art of vertical flight aircraft.

  • Dayton T. Brown
  • Dayton T. Brown Inc.

For their engineering and assembly teams' work on large-scale and complicated test programs for Sikorsky.
  • Elbit Systems of America
  • Elbit Systems of America

For Elbit's support and partnership with The Boeing Company on Apache production and fielding of their products, as well as development and support of new products on other vertical lift programs and efforts, has been exemplary.
  • RedViking
  • RedViking

RedViking’s transmission testing capabilities supported the design and build of Sikorsky’s 1.2-million-pound (545-metric-ton) Production Engineering Test Stand (PETTS) for larger helicopter transmissions. RedViking was recognized for its drive for continuous improvement and investments in its infrastructure to better support its customers.
  • Survival Systems International (SSI)
  • Survival Systems International (SSI)

Through the quality, innovativeness and cost-effective technology of its products, SSI has made a notable contribution to improving the state of the art of vertical flight aircraft. SSI’s contribution and support to Bell’s V-280 Valor tiltrotor blade development and their recent creation of expanded polypropylene ballistic panels used on the US Navy’s CMV-22 Osprey variant exemplifies their commitment and dedication to the support of their customers advancing vertical flight.
  • Eagle Aviation Technologies
  • Eagle Aviation Technologies

Virginia-based Eagle Aviation Technologies is an industry leader in the design, analysis and manufacture of rotorcraft systems and components. Over the last 15 years, Eagle has made enormous contributions to the vertical flight industry, including developing the rotor blades for the Sikorsky X2 and S-97 Raider demonstrators.
This award is given to a supplier who, through the quality, innovativeness and cost-effective technology of its products, has made a notable contribution to improving the state of the art of vertical flight aircraft
  • Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited
  • Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited

For providing the quality, innovativeness and cost-effective technology of its products, has made a notable contribution to improving the state of the art of vertical flight aircraft.
The first AH-64 Apache fuselage was delivered by the TBAL Hyderabad, India, facility to Boeing in the summer of 2018, only a year after the facility became operational. TBAL is now the sole producer of AH-64 fuselages worldwide, and will also produce secondary structures and vertical spar boxes for the Apache. Vishal Sanghavi, Saurabh Taneja, PM Kumar of TBAL and Lindsie Stark of the Boeing Company accepted the award.
  • Rossell Techsys
  • The Boeing Company

Rossell Techsys, based in Bengaluru, India, is one of Boeing’s elite “Gold” rated suppliers and a past Supplier of the Year, providing wiring harnesses and related electrical work packages for Boeing’s rotorcraft programs.
Boeing’s Director of International Supplier Management noted that “Rossell Techsys is still early on [their] journey, but they have already made history at Boeing as a key partner on our platforms.” The development and growth of Rossell Techsys over the last five years from a small point-to-point wire harness manufacturer to a complex wire harness and electrical panel powerhouse gives manufacturers confidence in outsourcing electrical wire and panel work.
  • LORD Corporation

For its integral part in the flight‑demonstrate the Zero‑Vibe system on AATD UH‑60M Black Hawk team.
  • The Triumph Group

For outstanding performance on development programs at Sikorsky, specifically the design and build of the S-97 Raider landing gear and the build of the S-97 Raider transmission
  • KUKA Systems Corporation Aerospace Group

For extraordinary performance as the tooling integrator for the assembly of the Bell 525 Relentless
  • Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation

For the extraordinary performance in the fabrication and delivery execution of forty two S-92 helicopter cockpits in 2013
  • Aurora Flight Sciences

For flawless execution of main rotor pylon design and nacelle fabrication for the Sikorsky Aircraft/U.S. Marine Corps CH-53K
  • Garmin International, Inc.

Given for the G1000H integrated flight deck, the first Garmin integrated avionics system to be modified, installed and certified to meet the helicopter environment and vibration requirements
  • GKN Aerospace

For displaying "best in class" performance on the Sikorsky Aircraft CH-53K program as Airframe Supplier Lead.
  • Aero Vodochody
  • Aero Vodochody

For producing the complete S-76 helicopter airframe for Sikorsky Aircraft which is ready for installation of dynamic components upon arrival at Sikorsky.
Additionally, Aero Vodochody has maintained a 100 percent on time delivery rating for the S-76 aircraft, while at the same time participating in the development phases of the new S-76D aircraft. Aero Vodochody is based in Prague, The Czech Republic.
  • Sikorsky Aerospace Services
  • Sikorsky Aerospace Services

From material distribution, field services, and overhaul and repair, to personalized fleet management solutions and customized training, SAS demonstrated in 2008 an ability to design a sophisticated life-cycle management solution that leverages its wide range of capabilities and specialties offered through its component companies, Helicopter Support Inc., Derco Aerospace, Composite Technology, Sikorsky-Helitech, and Sikorsky Aerospace Maintenance.
  • No Award Presented
  • The H-53 Engine Team
  • GE Aviation

This year the distinction goes to The H-53 Engine Team, GE Aviation for distinguishing themselves by their efforts to deliver improved T64 engines components, establish improved T64 engine logistics support processes, and become the engine provider for the new CH-53K heavy lift helicopter.
  • Electronic Systems Business Unit
  • Honeywell Aerospace

For developing the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) to improve pilot's situational awareness and helicopter safety.
  • The Protective Materials Co.

The Protective Materials Company of Miami Lakes, Florida was nominated for this award by NAVAIR’s Program Manager for the H-53 Heavy Lift Helicopter, Colonel Paul Croisetier.
Developing and supplying the Marine Corps with protective armor kits for H-53 helicopters supporting combat operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere throughout the world.
  • Goodrich Corporation -Fuel and Utility Systems
  • Goodrich Corporation
  • Rolls Royce AE1107C Liberty Propulsion System Team
  • Rolls-Royce
Team representatives - James Haney, Stuart Mullan, James Jackson and Steve Fromknecht, Rools Royce; Col. Paul Crossetiere, USMC; Commander Steve Malloy, USN; Major Ullmark, USMC, V-22 Program Office
  • Helicopter Support, Inc.
  • HSI

For notable contributions in the vertical flight industry.
Society Chairman John Murphey congratulates David Adler, company president and John Chimini, executive vice president, HSI.
  • The Purdy Corporation
  • The Purdy Corporation

For 54 years, the company has been supplying transmissions, gearbox components and kits with a superb performance record.
  • Martin-Baker Aircraft Company

The company has been an outstanding contributor to the helicopter crew comfort and safety with seat designs.
John Martin, Co-Chairman of the company got this prestigious award.
  • No Award Presented
  • No Award Presented
  • Hamilton Standard

For leadership in the development and manufacture of flight controls.
  • Lord Corporation

Lord is the first recipient of this award as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of helicopter and tiltrotor vibration isolation and damping systems, including elastomeric bearings and dampers.

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