Robert L. Pinckney Award

Robert L. Pinckney Award

The Robert L. Pinckney Award is given for a notable achievement in manufacturing research and development for vertical flight aircraft or components brought to fruition in the preceding year. The Award was created by Boeing in 1995 to honor the memory of Robert L. Pinckney, an eminent manufacturing engineer.

Award winners

2015 - S-97 Raider Helicopter Fuselage Development Team

2014 - H-1 Pourable Foam Stiffened Structure (PFSS) Team

2013 - V-22 Large Cell Composite Core Flaperon Team

2012 - CH-53K Virtual Design Team, NAVAIR / Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

2011 - No Award Presented

2010 - PROMETAL RCT/Sikorsky Digital Casting Team

2009 - US Army (AATD) / Sikorsky RDS-21 (Face Gear) Development Team

2008 - US Army / Sikorsky Survivable Affordable Repairable Airframe Program (SARAP) Virtual Prototype and Validation Development Team

2007 - Paul Oldroyd and Tricia Hiros, Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

2006 - No Award Presented

2005 - The Sikorsky Composite Talicone/Stabilator Development Team

2004 - The Complex Composite Structural Concepts (CCSC) Team

2003 - NRTC/RITA Bell-Sikorsky High Speed Machining of Titanium Team consisting of Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Kennametal Inc., Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc., the National Rotorcraft Technology Center (NRTC), Remelle Engineering and the Rotorcraft Industry Technology Association (RITA).

2002 - The Sikorsky Rotary Wing Structures Technology Demonstration (RWSTD) Team

2001 - Bell-Agusta 609 Wing Torque Integrated Product Team

2000 - Split Torque Transmission Team, consisting of Boeing-Mesa, Derlan Aerospace Canada, DARPA, and NASA Glenn Research Center

1999 - The S-92 Development Team

1998 - The Tandem Rotor Program Producibility Team

1997 - V-22 Airframe Integrated Product Team

1996 - Boeing-Sikorsky RAH 66 Comanche Precision Manufacturing Team