John J. Schneider Historical Achievement Award

John J. Schneider Historical Achievement Award

Established in 2003, in the memory of vertical flight historian/designer John J. Schneider, this award is given to an individual for distinguished achievement in encouraging appreciation of, and enhancing access to, the history and legacy of vertical flight aviation. The selection of the award recipient is based upon a significant achievement or sustained record of accomplishment in the documentation, preservation, analysis and illumination of historically significant events, prominent pioneers and/or technologies, designs and uses of vertical flight aircraft. The award recipient will receive a scale model of Leonardo da Vinci's "Aerial Screw" on an inscribed mount, and a book selected from the titles available through AHS International.

Award winners

2015 - David Gibbings, AgustaWestland (Ret.)

2014 - Peter P. Papadakos

2013 - Franklin D. Harris

2012 - Sergei I. Sikorsky, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (Ret.)

2011 - Robert M. Beggs

2010 - J.J. Janovetz, Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc., XV-3 Restoration Team

2009 - Ray D. Leoni

2008 - Elfan ap Rees

2007 - Jean Boulet

2006 - Sikorsky Historical Archives

2005 - John 'Slats' Slattery

2004 - Eugene K. Liberatore