Howard Hughes Award

Howard Hughes Award

The Howard Hughes Award is given for an outstanding improvement in fundamental vertical flight technology brought to fruition during the preceding year. The award is intended to foster accomplishments in the basic science and technology disciplines of the vertical flight community, such as aerodynamics, dynamics, structures, propulsion, human factors, electronics, simulation, testing and systems integration. The award was established in 1977 by Hughes Helicopters to honor the memory of Howard Hughes and his pioneering accomplishments in aviation.

Award winners

2015 - Sikorsky's MATRIX Technology Team

2014 - NRTC/VLC High Fidelity Icing Analysis and Validation Team

2013 - Active Ground Resonance Stability Augmentation Design & Test Team

2012 - Eurocopter X3 Team

2011 - Sikorsky X2 Technology Demonstrator Team

2010 - AH-64D Apache Block III Development Team including members of the U.S. Army, the Boeing Company, and Northstar Aerospace Corporation.

2009 - Smart Rotor Team

2008 - U.S. Army Network Centric Operations (NCO) Technology Development Team, consisting of the US Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate (AATD), AMRDEC Aviation Systems Integration Facility (ASIF), The Boeing Company and Rockwell Collins.

2007 - Army/NASA/Bell QTR Aeroelastic Test Team

2006 - Sikorsky Rotor Ice Protection System (RIPS) Development Team

2005 - The Sikorsky Active Vibration Control Team

2004 - Higher Harmonic Control Aeroacoustic Rotor (HART II) Test and Analysis Team

2003 - The Sikorsky S-92 Flaw Tolerance Design and Test Team

2002 - The NASA Tiltrotor Aeronautics Code (TRAC) System Development Team

2001 - The Sikorsky/Honeywell S-76 Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) Team

2000 - No Award Presented

1999 - Dennis P. McGuire

1998 - The Japan OHX Engineering Team

1997 - US Army/Boeing/Sikorsky Comanche Team

1996 - Advanced Technologies Inc.

1995 - The Sikorsky Aircraft Advanced Growth Blade Team

1994 - U.S. Army Special Operations Helicopter Design and Development Team

1993 - AATD D/NAPS Team

1992 - Boeing-Sikorsky Fantail Team

1991 - Dr. W.J. McCroskey

1990 - Alan E. Staple and Stephen P. King

1989 - AHS/NASA Rotorcraft Noise Reduction Team

1988 - Boeing Helicopters 360 Team

1987 - McDonnell Douglas NOTAR Team

1986 - Dennis R. Halwes

1985 - Michael E. Tauber

1984 - Tommie L. Wood and Donald L. Bloom

1983 - Dr. C. Eugene Hammond

1982 - Dr. Fredric H. Schmitz

1981 - Robert A. Ormiston

1980 - Leone U. Dadone

1979 - Anton J. Landgrebe

1978 - John F. Ward