Captain William J. Kossler, USCG Award

Captain William J. Kossler, USCG Award

The Kossler Award, established in 1951, is given for the greatest achievement in the practical application or operation of a vertical flight aircraft, the value of which has been demonstrated by actual service during the preceding year. The award honors the memory of a US Coast Guard airman, aeronautical engineer, and early advocate of helicopters in search and rescue operations.

Award winners

2015 - U.S Army 2nd Battalion 501st Aviation Regiment, The Crew of United States Coast Guard Helicopter 6029

2014 - Uttarakhand Disaster Relief Helicopter Operators, U.S. Marine Corps Medium Tiltrotor Squadrons VMM-262 and VMM-265

2013 - U.S. Coast Guard, Air Station Elizabeth City

2012 - C Company 1-52nd Aviation Regiment, U.S. Army

2011 - Bravo Company 1-52nd Aviation Regiment, US Army

2010 - U.S. Coast Guard Station / Air Station Kodiak, Alaska

2009 - Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 162 (VMM-162), US Marine Corps

2008 - US Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk Air Station Astoria (Oregon) Team

2007 - Hong Kong Government Flying Service (GFS)

2006 - Army National Guard Aviation, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

2005 - Norrlandsflyg S-76 SAR Helicopter Crew, Lifeguard 996, Baltic Sea Rescue

2004 - West Virginia Army National Guard, 146th Medical Co. (Air Ambulance) HH-60L Black Hawk Crew, Hamlin, West Virginia Flood Rescue

2003 - U.S. Army 101st Regiment, 101st Airborne Div. Air Assault, Operation Anaconda (Afghanistan)

2002 - U.S. Air Force 56th Rescue Squadron, Keflavik, Iceland HH-60G Pave Hawk Rescue

2001 - The South African Air Force Mozambique (Operation Lichi) Helicopter Aircrews

2000 - USMC VMR-1, Search and Rescue Detachment, Cherry Point, NC (Pedro)

1999 - Australian Search and Rescue Helicopters/Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race

1998 - The U.S. Coast Guard Flight Crew Members of Air Station Clearwater and the U.S. Air Force Reserve's 920th Rescue Group at Patrick Air Force Base for the rescue of the Merchant Patriot

1997 - Canadian Air Force Flight Crew of Labrador 303, 413 Squadron

1996 - U.S. Marine Corps TRAP Rescue Team

1995 - New York Air National Guard's 106th Air Rescue Group

1994 - Walter Greaves, Era Aviation and Eric Penttila, Evergreen Helicopters

1993 - U.S. Army Task Force 159

1992 - Desert Storm First Strike U.S. Army Apache Team

1991 - USSR Military and Civilian Helicopter Pilots Flying Initial Operations at Site of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, April-May, 1986

1990 - ADM Paul A. Yost, USCG

1989 - U.S. Coast Guard Crew #1472

1988 - LTG Crosbie E. Saint, U.S. Army

1987 - U.S. Coast Guard Crew #1467

1986 - Colombian Helicopter Pilots

1985 - U.S. Coast Guard Crew #1469

1984 - U.S. Coast Guard Crew #1437

1983 - CW3 Charles Hemphill, USA and CW4 Frederick Loehmer, USA

1982 - Donald W. Usher and Melvin (Gene) E. Windsor, U.S. Park Police

1981 - U.S. Coast Guard 17th District

1980 - CAPT John Crowe, Canadian Armed Forces

1979 - Columbia Helicopters

1978 - British Airways Helicopters

1977 - U.S. Army UTTAS Test Command (Provisional) 101st Avn GP., 101st Airborne Div.

1976 - MG Manoucherh Khosrodad, Iranian Army Aviation

1975 - No Award Presented

1974 - Colombia Air Force, HELICOL., S.A.

1973 - Ralph P. Pass

1972 - Erickson Air-Crane Co.

1971 - KLM North Sea Helicopters

1970 - 58th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron

1969 - The Petroleum Industry

1968 - Armed Forces in Southeast Asia

1967 - MG Keith B. McCutcheon, USMC

1966 - MG Harry W.O. Kinnard 1st Air Cav. Div., USA

1965 - Persons Participating in NW US Rescue 12/64

1964 - BG John Tolson, USA Helicopter Units, Vietnam

1963 - USA Tactical Mobilization Requirement Board, Ft. Bragg

1962 - USAF Air Rescue Svc., Scott AFB

1961 - 56th Medical Platoon, USA, Ft. Bragg and 57th Medical Platoon, USA, Ft. Meade

1960 - LTC William A. Howell, USA and COL Victor A. Armstrong, USMC

1959 - New York Airways

1958 - USA Trans. Aircraft Test and Supply Activity

1957 - Robert L. Suggs, Petroleum Helicopters

1956 - Don R. Berlin; T.P. Gerrity, USAF: LTG James M. Gavin, USA, VADM A.C. Richmond, USCG; LTG C.F. Schilt, USMC; and RADM J.S. Russell, USN

1955 - Carlyle C. Agar, Okanagan Helicopters

1954 - RADM Clarence E. Ekstrom, USN

1953 - LTC George W. Herring, USMC

1952 - LTC Jack Marinelli, USA

1951 - COL Richard T. Knight, USAF