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Nandeesh Hiremath

Georgia Institute of Technology

Nandeesh Hiremath is a PhD student working with Professor Narayan Komerath's Experimental Aerodynamics and Concept Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research and technical expertise spans from reverse flow rotor aerodynamics, rotor dynamic stall,diagnostics using particle image velocimetry, slung loads/unsteady bluff body aeromechanics, and multi-rotor interactional aerodynamics at low Reynold number.

What are some of your current projects or research interests?

Using Fourier series to measure bluff-body aerodynamic loads.

Using Fourier series to measure bluff-body aerodynamic loads

What do Nandeesh's mentors have to say?

Nandeesh has accumulated an impressive portfolio in and out of engineering. For his MS, he developed an analysis and computational model for hypersonic aero thermo elasticity, to go with his analysis of liquid air cycle engines for airbreathing transatmospheric vehicles. He thesis work on rotor blades in reverse flow, and extracting static pressure in complex flows without pressure sensors, is only a part of the story: he has done pioneering work on generalizing bluffbody aerodynamics, while guiding a team of over 10 undergraduates, in numerous projects. His low-key leadership style shuns the limelight while bringing common sense problem-solving and superb organizational skills. No wonder he got elected as President of Georgia Tech’s India Club – an organization of over 1000 top-notch students. And India Club under his leadership won GT’s Best Cultural Organization award, a first in their long history. Nandeesh has also learned the processes of aerospace certification, through his internship in a startup company in (what we called The Wilds Of) Idaho. He exemplifies our tradition of PhDs who can take on and lead projects in any discipline to success. At the 2016 AHS forum, he was lead/co-author on four papers. I remember how many years it took me to get to 4 AHS forum papers!

Prof. Narayanan Komerath
Georgia Institute of Technology

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