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Peter Ryseck

University of Maryland College Park

Peter Ryseck is a DEVCOM Army Research Lab Journeyman Fellow and master’s student studying rotorcraft with a focus on the aeromechanics of eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) vehicles under advisors Dr. Inderjit Chopra and Dr. Derrick Yeo. Throughout his undergrad at UMD, Ryseck focused on broadening the flight envelope of multi-mode UAS through morphing aerodynamic elements. As a master’s student, Ryseck is exploring potential combinations of UAS path planning techniques and aerodynamic analyses in future clean energy aerial system applications. He is currently focused on leading a wind tunnel test campaign at the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel to characterize existing UAS platforms with a view to develop the next generation of tactical aerial systems. After graduation, he would like to pursue opportunities that accelerate the transition towards zero-emission vehicles.

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