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Bochan Lee

Texas A&M University College Station

Bochan Lee is an aerospace engineering graduate student in the Advanced Vertical Flight Lab (AVFL) at Texas A&M University. Bochan graduated from the Republic of Korea Naval Academy in 2010 and served as a Navy UH-60 helicopter pilot. In fall of 2016, he was selected by the South Korean government’s program to foster future specialists in aerospace engineering and joined the AVFL at Texas A&M University. Bochan has been working under the guidance of Dr. Moble Benedict with a focus on dynamics and control since 2016.

Bochan will continue to pursue a PhD degree in aerospace engineering at Texas A&M University after he finishes his MS degree.

What are some of your current projects or research interests?

I'm currently developing a novel “shipboard VTOL UAV autonomous landing system” with the objective of decreasing accident rate significantly. It aims to establish a reliable autonomous ship landing method for VTOL aircraft suitable for most modern Navy. This approach was inspired by my pilot experience, and my work encompass helicopter modeling, control and simulation.

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