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Chams Eddine Mballo

Georgia Institute of Technology

Chams Eddine Mballo is a PhD candidate under the advisement of Professor J.V.R. Prasad at the Georgia Institute of Technology's Department of Aerospace Engineering. His research focuses on flight mechanics and control.

What impact has receiving the VFF scholarship had for you?

"I am honored to receive the VFF scholarship. It means a lot to me as it brings a well needed encouragement in the work I am doing but also an appreciation for the work I have done so far. The money received is of course a great financial assistance but what is more important is the feeling of satisfaction I have knowing that there are people who think that I am capable of producing something of value to the society. I take great pride in that and that forces me to double the effort."

What are some of your current projects or research interests?

"I am currently working on a project entitled “Model Based Life extending Control for rotorcraft”. This research aims at developing real-time algorithms for estimation of dynamic loads in fatigue-critical components in a rotorcraft and control schemes design to alleviate those loads. This would allow to extend the life of the helicopter via estimating vibratory loads and reducing their impact on the life of the vehicle."

What do Chams Eddine's mentors have to say?

"Prior to qualifying for his PhD, Chams secured a perfect 4.0 GPA in his graduate level courses [at Georgia Tech]. He has displayed excellent work ethics in his specialty of rotorcraft flight mechanics and control, and has made significant progress in his research as he completes his doctoral degree. I have no doubt that Chams can definitely become a great leader in the vertical flight community."

Dr. J.V.R. Prasad
Georgia Institute of Technology

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