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Ravi Lumba

University of Maryland College Park

Ravi Lumba is a 4th year doctoral student at the University of Maryland Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center under the supervision of Dr. Anubhav Datta. He received his B.S in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, where he first became interested in rotorcraft while performing undergraduate research for Dr. Jayant Sirohi. Currently, his research focuses on developing parallel algorithms to be used in for 3D rotorcraft structural analysis. The goal of this research is to extend the usability of high-fidelity 3D FEA for rotorcraft problems, as their use is currently not practical due to high computational time. After graduation, Ravi hopes to stay in the rotorcraft field and continue to develop tools that can improve the rotorcraft design process with a focus on safety and efficiency.

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