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Nicholas Paternostro

University of Maryland

Nick Paternostro is an aerospace engineering major in the Gessow Rotorcraft Center at the University of Maryland. Since beginning the program in September 2021, Nick has been focusing on his interest in rotorcraft, particularly the design and testing of rotorcraft vehicles. Nick is conducting research on the applicability of invertible neural networks coupled with computational fluid dynamics for the design of some of the newest configurations of rotorcraft. To quote Nick, “I challenge myself to not only be an engineer, but to be a student who is a part of the campus community - whether it going to conferences/seminars for my own interest, volunteering, and participating in research.”

Nick graduated second in his class from the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. He earned the Commencement Scholar recognition at graduation as the top student in the department. In addition, Nick was a graduate of the Honors College Program at the university whereby he earned a Massachusetts Commonwealth Scholar diploma in addition to his Bachelor of Science Degree. He gained valuable professional experience in summer internships at ULC Robotics and Curtiss Wright, Target Rock. Nick is looking forward to expanding his knowledge at the University of Maryland by being an active member of the rotorcraft community and learning from experts in the vertical flight discipline. His ultimate career goal upon completion of his Master of Science degree is to contribute to the advancement of rotorcraft technology.

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