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Nikos Panagiotis Trembois

University of California, Davis

Nikos Trembois completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California Davis where he continues his studies as a PhD student. After taking an interest in aeroacoustics, he joined the Flow Physics and Aeroacoustics Lab led by Professor Seongkyu Lee researching noise generated by rotorcraft. The first major obstacle Nikos encountered while simulating flow around a quadcopter was generating high quality computational grids. He developed UCD-BladeGenerator, a program that quickly and robustly creates grids from basic geometry inputs, to simplify and expedite the process. Nikos utilizes his various programs to simulate and assess broadband and tonal noise for various rotorcraft configurations, among which is two overlapped propellers on a tiltwing. Nikos hopes these programs will lower the barrier of entry for computational rotorcraft aeroacoustics and help others improve the speed and accuracy of their simulations.

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