2019 Electric Aircraft Symposium

Electric Flyer

On July 20-21, 2019, CAFE Foundation and the Vertical Flight Society co-sponsored the 14th Annual Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS), held at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. More than 20 of the world's leading electric aircraft developers and technology experts presented.

Video recordings of discussions and presentations from 14th Electric Aircraft Symposium sessions are available to the public. The agenda can be downloaded here.

State of the Industry: Panel Q&A
Introduction and The Electric VTOL Revolution
Yolanda Wulff, CAFE; Mike Hirschberg, VFS

UberAir eVTOL Concepts
Ryan Naru, Uber Elevate

Electrifying Aviation Factors for Making Disruptive Change Happen
Willi Tacke, e-flight-expo/Flying Pages

Emerging Technologies Panel Q&A
Some Economical Comments on Eviation
Gilles Rosenberger, Faraday Aerospace

eSTOL Potential for Urban Air Mobility
David Ullman, Oregon State University

Metro Hope: The eSTOL solution for Urban Air Mobility
Bruno Mombrinie, Metro Hop

Market Opportunities for Emerging Technologies
Ken Swartz, VFS/Aeromedia

History of VTOL Design
History of VTOL Aircraft Design - Tilt Wings and Tilt Rotors
Todd Hodges, NASA Langley Research Center (Ret.)

Standards & Certification: Panel Q&A
FAA Certification of Electric Powered AirCraft
Earl Lawrence, FAA

FAA Type Certification of eVTOL
Gregory Bowles, Joby Aviation

Unmanned Air Mobility: A New Paradigm
Tom Gunnarson, Kitty Hawk

Recent and Future Standards Developments for Electric Aircraft
Mark DeAngelo, SAE International

Safety and Operations: Panel Q&A
Thinking about Autonomy in Terms of Safety Assurance
Peter Shannon, Radius Capitol

NASA Advance Air Mobility, Urban Air Mobility and Grand Challenge
Jim Murphy, NASA

Aircraft Performance and the Impact on Infrastructure
Rex Alexander, Five-Alpha

Electric Aircraft: Panel Q&A
Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI)
Presenter: Yolanda Wulff, CAFE Foundation

GoFly Prize & FlyKart2
Presenter: Rob Bulaga, Trek Aerospace

The Future of Urban Air Mobility
Presenter: Edgar Rodrigues, EmbraerX

Leading the Charge with Practical, Compelling Aircraft
Presenter: Kevin Noertker, Ampaire

All Electric Aircraft Design Challenges
Presenter: Lior Zivan, Eviation

The Benefits of Electric Aviation, featuring eFlyer
Presenter: George Bye, Bye Aerospace