2024 H2-Aero Symposium

3rd Annual H2-Aero March 2024

The Vertical Flight Society's 3rd Annual H2-Aero Symposium was held on March 13-14, 2024, as part of SAE International's AeroTech conference. The Symposium featured groundbreaking presentations with the latest cutting-edge developments by a who's who of the hydrogen aviation and fuel cell community. The H2-Aero Symposium was chaired again this year by Jesse Schneider, CEO/CTO of ZEV Station. Learn more about VFS hydrogen initiatives at www.vtol.org/hydrogen

Video recordings of the H2-Aero Symposium sessions are available to all current VFS members below. If you are a member, log in at the top of the page and then click on any of the images below to start the video — you can then expand it full screen in high definition. If you aren't a member, join today

The videos are also available to the public as video-on-demand for $350. Presentation PDF files from the speakers were provided to attendees and are also available for purchase in the VFS Vertical Flight Library at $10 each for members and $20 for non-members. 

Learn more about VFS hydrogen initiatives and plan to attend the 4th Annual H2-Aero Symposium, tentatively planned for March 2025, in Long Beach, California. 

2024 H2-Aero Symposium - Session 1: H2-Aero Progress
2024 H2-Aero Symposium - Session 2: Innovations in Hydrogen Aerospace Propulsion
2024 H2-Aero Symposium - Session 3: H2-Aero Fuel Cell Powertrains
2024 H2-Aero Symposium - Session 4: Government & Hydrogen Hubs
2024 H2-Aero Symposium - Session 5: Hydrogen Standardization
2024 H2-Aero Symposium - Session 6: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell R&D