2020 Electric VTOL Symposium

The Vertical Flight Society's 7th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium was held on Jan. 21-23, 2020, as part of the 2020 Transformative Vertical Flight Meeting, in San Jose, California. This sold-out event had close to 500 attendees and was another notable event in advancing the progress of electric VTOL and urban air mobility. Event attendees can download the invited presentations at no charge and watch the videos below (Log in at the top of the page, and then click on any of the images below to start the video — you can then expand it full screen in high definition).

If you missed this blockbuster event, you can purchase the presentations for a nominal fee.

Note: Video-on-demand for the eVTOL short course is be available for purchase at www.vimeo.com/VTOLSociety.

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Plenary Presentations: Transformative Vertical Flight (150 minutes)

1. Welcome & Introductions: Dr. Colin Theodore, NASA, and Mike Hirschberg, VFS
Members only:  2. Keynote: Parimal Kopardekar, NASA
Members only:  3. Keynote: Mike Romanowski, FAA
Members only:  4. Keynote: Nathan Diller, OSTP
Members only:  5. Keynote: Glenn Isbell, Vice President, Bell
Members only:  6. Keynote: Mark Moore, Uber

Ride-Sharing Panel (90 minutes)

Members only:  7. Ride-Sharing Panel, Carl Russell, NASA

eVTOL Industry Updates (120 minutes)

Members only:  8. Zach Lovering, A‎³ by Airbus
Members only:  9. Justin Paines, Joby Aviation
Members only:  10. Ed De Reyes, Sabrewing Aircraft
Members only:  11. John Piasecki, Piasecki Aircraft
Members only:  11Q&A. Panel Questions & Answers: Graham Warwick, Aviation Week
Members only:  12. Willi Tacke, Flying Pages GmbH

Manufacturing and Lightweighting Opportunities (120 minutes)

Members only:  13. Supply Chain Management Considerations, Parimal Kopardekar, NASA
Members only:  14. Jay Wakenshaw, Toray-TAC
Members only:  15. How Lightweight Thermoplastic-Based Solutions Can Support eVTOL, Gilles Larroque, Victrex
Members only:  16. Designing Light Weight Products Faster and Cheaper, Dhiren Marjadi, Altair
Members only:  17. UAM and Composite Materials & Structures, Colleen Pritchett/Imad Atallah, Hexcel
Members only:  18. Panel Questions and Answers: Dr. Parimal Kopardekar, NASA

eVTOL Cargo Delivery Panel (90 minutes)

Members only:  19. eVTOL Cargo Delivery Panel: Ajay Sehgal, KBR

Crashworthiness Panel (90 minutes)

Members only:  20. Crashworthiness Panel: Justin Littell, NASA

eVTOL Systems Development (90 minutes)

Members only:  21. eVTOL Systems Development: Jim Sherman, VFS
Members only:  22. Advances in UAM Technologies, Larry Surace, Honeywell
Members only:  23. Electrification of Aviation, Bob Hess, BAE Systems
Members only:  24. Flight For All, Mark Blackwell, SkyDrive
Members only:  25. eVTOL Aircraft Aerodynamic Analysis Tools, Dan Wachspress, Continuum Dynamics
Members only:  26. eVTOL High Fidelity Simulation for Design, Ronald du Val, Advanced Rotorcraft Technology

Association Consensus and Hazard Analysis (120 minutes)

Members only:  28. Dr. Anubhav Datta, University of Maryland, VFS eVTOL TC Chair
Members only:  29. Towards Consensus on Community Noise Metrics for UAM, David Josephson, Josephson Engineering
Members only:  30. Hazards and Failure Mode Analysis of Emerging (Hybrid) Electric Propulsion systems, Patrick Darmstadt, Boeing

Infrastructure (90 minutes)

Members only:  31. Powered for Take Off, Jagmeet Khangura, Black & Veatch
Members only:  32. Storage Requirements for VTOL Power Options, Teresa Peterson, Gannett Fleming
Members only:  33. Designing Safe, Performance-based Infrastructure, Rex Alexander, Five-Alpha
Members only:  34. Vertiports. It's Airport Operations, Jim, But Not As We Know It, Darrell Swanson, Swanson Aviation Consultancy
Members only:  35. Infrastructure: Questions and Answers, Rex Alexander, Five-Alpha

Economics of and Investing in eVTOL Panel (90 minutes)

Members only:  36. Economics of and Investing in eVTOL Panel, Parimal Kopardekar, NASA

eVTOL Competitions and Funding Opportunities (60 minutes)

Members only:  37. Racing for the Advancement of eVTOL, Matt Pearson, Airspeeder
Members only:  38. UAM Grand Challenge, Starr Ginn, NASA
Members only:  39. Air Force Interest in TVF, Nathan Diller, US Air Force

VFS/NASA TVF & UAM Working Groups/Closing (45 minutes)

Members only:  40. VFS/NASA TVF & UAM Working Groups, Carl Russell, NASA