2020 eVTOL Webinar Archive

2020 Webinar Archive

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The Vertical Flight Society has been hosting virtual technical sessions, workshops, presentations and interviews on timely and relevant topics in VTOL and eVTOL. These webinars were hosted either by VFS headquarters or by our chapters around the world.

These programs provide important information to help the community continue advancing vertical flight.  

Thurs., June 11: Psychoacoustic Measures for UAM Noise Regarding Ambient Sound
Hosted by San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
1600-1700 EDT / 1300-1400 PDT / 2000-2100 UTC
Moderator: Dr. Natasha Schatzman, President of VFS San Francisco Bay Chapter

Speaker: Dr. Durand R Begault, Research Scientist, NASA Ames

Urban UAM Noise
The noise component of future aircraft and operations from Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicles is widely recognized as a challenge to community acceptance. NASA’s RVLT (Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology) program is currently supporting research in the area of human response and psychoacoustics in an effort to augment current metrics for traditional aircraft. This talk will review current work at NASA Ames’ Human Systems Integration Division to evaluate detection, annoyance, and acceptability of UAM sound, in the context of expected ambient sound conditions.
Wed., June 24: Transcend Air — VTOL for VIP Transport
Hosted by East New England Chapter
1200-1300 EDT / 0900-1000 PDT / 1600-1700 UTC
Moderator: Harry Nahatis, President of VFS East New England Chapter

Speaker: Peter Schmidt, Co-Founder and COO of Transcend Air
Wisk VIP Transport
Transcend Air was co-founded in 2017 by Gregory Bruell, who formerly led the Silicon Valley-based eVTOL company Elytron, and Peter Schmidt, the senior technology  advisor for air taxi company Linear Air. Headquartered in the Greater Boston area, Transcend's Vy 400 is a tiltwing VTOL aircraft designed to provide VIP city-to-city transport with exceptional performance at half the operating cost. The company is currently seeking a manufacturer to build and fly the first full-scale prototype of the Vy 400 air taxi.
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Friday, June 26:  An interview with Gary Gysin of Wisk
1330-1500 EDT / 1030-1200 PDT / 1730-1900 UTC 
Moderator: Charles Alcock, Aviation International News

Speaker: Gary Gysin, President & CEO, Wisk

Wisk UAS
Wisk was established in 2019 as a joint venture between The Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, with locations in Atlanta, GA and New Zealand, Wisk believes in a world where less time getting there means more time being there for the moments that matter. Their journey began with Kitty Hawk in 2010 (originally known as Zee.aero), and it’s where Cora, their self-flying air taxi, was born. Since it first took to the skies in 2017, Cora has logged more than 1,000 test flights.

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Tuesday, July 7:  An interview with Bob Hammett of OneSky
1300-1400 EDT / 1000-1100 PDT / 1700-1800 UTC 
Moderator: Brian Garrett-Glaser, Avionics International

Speaker: Bob Hammett, Chief Executive Officer, OneSky

OneSky provides industry-leading analytics for aerospace systems, particularly within the commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) market. Designed to enhance mission planning with advanced safety-of-flight analysis, OneSky leverages 30+ years of software modeling and simulation to put powerful predictive capabilities into the hands of pilots, operators, and systems integrators.

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