2020 Webinar Archive

2020 Webinar Archive

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The Vertical Flight Society has been hosting virtual technical sessions, workshops, presentations and interviews on timely and relevant topics in VTOL and eVTOL. These webinars were hosted either by VFS headquarters or by our chapters around the world.

These programs provide important information to help the community continue advancing vertical flight.  

Thurs., June 11: Psychoacoustic Measures for UAM Noise Regarding Ambient Sound
Hosted by San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
1600-1700 EDT / 1300-1400 PDT / 2000-2100 UTC
Moderator: Dr. Natasha Schatzman, President of VFS San Francisco Bay Chapter

Speaker: Dr. Durand R Begault, Research Scientist, NASA Ames

Urban UAM Noise
The noise component of future aircraft and operations from Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicles is widely recognized as a challenge to community acceptance. NASA’s RVLT (Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology) program is currently supporting research in the area of human response and psychoacoustics in an effort to augment current metrics for traditional aircraft. This talk will review current work at NASA Ames’ Human Systems Integration Division to evaluate detection, annoyance, and acceptability of UAM sound, in the context of expected ambient sound conditions.
Wed., June 24: Transcend Air — VTOL for VIP Transport
Hosted by East New England Chapter
1200-1300 EDT / 0900-1000 PDT / 1600-1700 UTC
Moderator: Harry Nahatis, President of VFS East New England Chapter

Speaker: Peter Schmidt, Co-Founder and COO of Transcend Air
Wisk VIP Transport
Transcend Air was co-founded in 2017 by Gregory Bruell, who formerly led the Silicon Valley-based eVTOL company Elytron, and Peter Schmidt, the senior technology  advisor for air taxi company Linear Air. Headquartered in the Greater Boston area, Transcend's Vy 400 is a tiltwing VTOL aircraft designed to provide VIP city-to-city transport with exceptional performance at half the operating cost. The company is currently seeking a manufacturer to build and fly the first full-scale prototype of the Vy 400 air taxi.
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Friday, June 26:  An interview with Gary Gysin of Wisk
1330-1500 EDT / 1030-1200 PDT / 1730-1900 UTC 
Moderator: Charles Alcock, Aviation International News

Speaker: Gary Gysin, President & CEO, Wisk

Wisk UAS
Wisk was established in 2019 as a joint venture between The Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, with locations in Atlanta, GA and New Zealand, Wisk believes in a world where less time getting there means more time being there for the moments that matter. Their journey began with Kitty Hawk in 2010 (originally known as Zee.aero), and it’s where Cora, their self-flying air taxi, was born. Since it first took to the skies in 2017, Cora has logged more than 1,000 test flights.

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Tuesday, July 7:  An interview with Bob Hammett of OneSky
1300-1400 EDT / 1000-1100 PDT / 1700-1800 UTC 
Moderator: Brian Garrett-Glaser, Avionics International

Speaker: Bob Hammett, Chief Executive Officer, OneSky

OneSky provides industry-leading analytics for aerospace systems, particularly within the commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) market. Designed to enhance mission planning with advanced safety-of-flight analysis, OneSky leverages 30+ years of software modeling and simulation to put powerful predictive capabilities into the hands of pilots, operators, and systems integrators.

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Mon., Aug. 10:  Progress Towards Autonomous Vertical Flight
1130-1530 EDT / 0830-1230 PDT / 1530-1930 UTC 
Moderator: Graham Warwick, Aviation Week
Sanjiv Singh, Near Earth Autonomy  Dave Merrill, Elroy
Luuk van Dijk, Daedalean Igor Cherepinsky, Sikorsky
Francis Govers, Bell Col. Nathan Diller, USAF Agility Prime
Maxime Gariel, Xwing Daniel Moczydlower, EmbraerX
Gary Gysin, Wisk Wes Ryan, FAA 
Steve Jacobson, Autonodyne Steve Cook, Northrop Grumman / ASTM

The future of vertical flight, especially for eVTOL including cargo delivery, will require autonomous flight. There has been exciting progress from both the eVTOL and Cargo Delivery. The Vertical Flight Society has brought these innovative leaders together to share their progress and discuss what yet needs to be accomplished to reach the ultimate goal of pilotless flight.

Learn more at VFS - AUVSI Progress Toward Autonomous Vertical Flight.
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Wed., Aug. 19:  Is Urban Air Mobility Really Disruptive?
1800-1930 EDT / 1500-1630 PDT / 2200-2330 UTC 
Moderator: Mark Alexander, President of VFS Stratford Chapter

Speaker: Jonathan Hartman, Sikorsky Innovations

City UAM

Urban Air Mobility has been gaining significant attention and traction, racking up hundreds of interested companies and billions of dollars of investment. But are these new designs and market entrants the start of a true disruption, a simple evolution, or a minor fluctuation to the established VTOL industry? Join Jonathan Hartman, Disruptive Technologies Lead for Sikorsky Innovations, in understanding disruption in the context of aviation and examining the potential of this market space through the lens of established product disruption theories.

Thank you to our generous sponsor, Dassault Systemes!

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Thurs., Aug. 20:  Rotorcraft as Robots
1400-1500 EDT / 1100-1200 PDT / 1800-1900 UTC 
Moderator: Dr. Robert Scott, US Army

Speaker: Larry Young, Aerospace Engineer, NASA Ames


This is not a presentation about autonomous helicopters. This is, instead, a talk about rotorcraft that are robots -- i.e. VTOL aerial platforms that have some level of capability to transform their nature and/or manipulate their environments. Autonomous system technologies, coupled with the development and maturation of novel aerial vehicle concepts (both fixed- and rotary-wing), leads inevitably to new design paradigms for aerial robots. In that spirit, a number of mission and design concepts for “rotorcraft as robots” are discussed and their merits and limitations are noted, as well as future opportunities for development. The objective of this work is to inspire future generations of aerospace engineers, intelligent systems technologists, and roboticists to develop systems that can address critical societal needs and application domains such as planetary exploration, field science campaigns on Earth, environmental monitoring, disaster relief and emergency response, wildlife conservation, and new aerospace transportation and distribution systems.


Tues., Aug. 25:  Accelerating Towards Design-by-Analysis for Composite Aerospace Structures
1900-2000 EDT / 1800-1900 CDT / 1600-1700 PDT / 2300-0000 UTC 
Moderator: Colton Marchesseault

Speaker: Dr. Subramaniam ("Subby") D. Rajan, Arizona State University

ASU Manufacturing

Composite materials are now beginning to provide uses in structural systems hitherto reserved for metals such as airframes and engine containment systems, wraps for repair and rehabilitation, and ballistic/blast mitigation systems. In the United States, several governmental agencies (including NASA and the FAA) recognized the importance of building a framework for composite systems by forming a public-private consortium in support of the Advanced Composites Project, which is part of the Advanced Air Vehicles Program in the agency’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate. The project’s goal is to reduce product development and certification timelines by 30 percent for composites infused into aeronautics applications. In this talk, FAA and NASA-sponsored R&D work done at Arizona State University is described with respect to experimental methods and computer simulations. Examples include modeling of a variety of composite systems subjected to impact loadings – aircraft engine containment systems, low and high velocity impacts on aerospace composites, and other structural systems such as football helmets and personal body armor. 


Tues.-Thurs., Sept. 1-3: VFS Workshop on eVTOL Infrastructure
VFS hosted its 3rd Workshop on eVTOL Infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility (UAM). This two-day virtual meeting was the third in a series of solution-focused workshops.

This 3rd Workshop was dedicated to addressing the identified challenges in eVTOL Infrastructure and plotting out a plan of action in collaboration with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) William J. Hughes Technical Center to advance eVTOL Infrastructure development.
Vertical Flight Society
Wednesday, September 9:  An interview with Thomas Pfammatter and Jasmine Kent of Dufour
1200-1300 EDT / 0900-1000 PDT / 1600-1700 UTC 
Moderator: Nicolas Zart, VFS Vertiflite and eVTOL.news

Speakers: Thomas Pfammater, Co-Founder and CEO, Dufour
Jasmine Kent, CTO, Dufour
Dufour Aerospace has been at the forefront of electric propulsion in aviation since 2015, when we built aEro 1, the world's first electric aerobatic plane. We bring decades of experience from Airbus, Pilatus, Solar Impulse, Kopter, and Google to our mission to accelerate sustainable aviation. We are developing aEro 3, a hybrid electric tilt-wing VTOL aircraft offering significant operational benefits and cost savings compared to helicopters for many missions.

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Tuesday, September 15:  An interview with Jerome Casteret and Matthew Tkac of CS Inc.
1200-1300 EDT / 0900-1000 PDT / 1600-1700 UTC 
Moderator: Dave Clarke, AeroCar Journal

Speakers: Jerome Casteret, Vice President, CS Inc.
Matthew Tkac, President and Chief Engineer, CS Inc.

At CS Inc., we develop, validate, verify and certify safety and mission critical embedded software. Our customers are Tier1 and Tier2 that design systems & subsystems for the aerospace, defense and automotive industries, and they develop systems for engine controls, avionics, autonomous driving, and many more.
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Tuesday, September 16:  VFS Stratford Chapter Webinar: Audrey Brady's Flight Path
1800-1930 EDT / 1500-1630 PDT / 2200-2330 UTC 
Moderator: Alex Mark, VFS Stratford Chapter President

Speaker: Audrey Brady, Vice President, Sikorsky Commercial Systems & Services
Flight Path
Audrey Brady provides overall strategic leadership for all aspects of the Sikorsky Commercial market segment including the entire lifecycle in market assessment, product development, engineering design, sales and marketing, manufacturing and delivery, aftermarket services and customer relationships. Audrey will be sharing her personal stepping-stones along the flight path of her career, with insight into how she is inspired through the act of giving back.

Stratford Chapter

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Tues., Sept. 29: Flight Testing the Bell 525 Relentless
1200-1300 EDT / 0900-1000 PDT / 1600-1700 UTC 
Harry Nahatis, President of VFS East New England Chapter

Speaker: Joe Twomey, Bell Flight Test Pilot
The Vertical Flight Society's East New England Chapter held a webinar on Sept. 29, 2020 with Joe Twomey of the Bell 525 Flight Test Team. After a career in the US Navy and time at Sikorsky, he joined Bell in 2016, supporting the 525 FBW helicopter and V-280 Future Vertical Lift programs. He conducts structural evaluation, rotor characterization, height-velocity diagram, Category A profile development, degraded systems, extreme weather, and FBW control law development tests. In 2020, he assumed the duties of Rotary Wing Chief Test Pilot. Joe has more than 3,800 hours in over 50 rotary, fixed, and unmanned aircraft and is an SETP Associate Fellow.
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