2021 Webinar Archive

2021 VFS Webinar Archive

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The Vertical Flight Society has been hosting virtual technical sessions, workshops, presentations and interviews on timely and relevant topics in VTOL and eVTOL. These webinars were hosted either by VFS headquarters or by our chapters around the world.

These programs provide important information to help the community continue advancing vertical flight.  

Dec. 7: Teledyne FLIR - Leading Perception and Awareness Solutions, VFS Arizona, Philadelphia and Redstone Chapters
Speaker: Mr. Stuart Hartwell, Director, Army Business Development, Teledyne FLIR Defense Technologies
FLIR Technology
VFS StratfordChapter
Dec. 6: Flight Controls and Sim Research at PSU VLRCOE, VFS Redstone Chapter
Speaker: Dr. Joe Horn, Professor, Penn State
Penn State Simulator
VFS Redstone Chapter
Dec. 1: Insect-Scale Flapping-Wing Aerial Robots Powered by Soft Artificial Muscles, VFS ENE Chapter
Speaker: Dr. Kevin Chen, Assistant Professor, MIT
Flapping-Wing Aerial Robots
VFS StratfordChapter
Nov. 29: Hydrogen-Powered Vertical Aviation, The $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Act & Other Recent Enabling Legislation
Speakers: Sam Whitehorn
, Co-Founder and Principal, Elevate Government Affairs
Kelly Lugar
, Executive Vice President, Elevate Government Affairs
Vertical Flight Society
Nov. 9: GoFly and the Development of Aria, a Compact, Ultra-Quiet Personal Electric Helicopter, VFS Southwest Chapter
Speaker: Dr. David Coleman, PhD Graduate, Texas A&M Univeristy
Griffon Limited Life Extension
VFS StratfordChapter
Oct 20: Next Generation Pilots: Training and Certification, VFS Montreal-Ottawa Chapter
Speakers: Mr. Yann Lavallee, Senior Experimental Test Pilot, Bell
Mr. Giorgio Clementi, President, International Test Pilots School
Ms. Stella-Marissa Hughes, Strategy and Business Development, CAE
Griffon Limited Life Extension
VFS Montreal-Ottawa Chapter
September 30: CH146 Griffon Limited Life Extension, VFS Ottawa-Montreal Chapter
Speakers: Mr. Donald Falardeau, Program Manager, Griffon, Bell
Mr. Pierre Drouin, Manager, Systems Engineering, Griffon, Bell
Mr. Andrew Sayer, ILS Manager and Certification Lead, Bell
Special Guest: Maj. Francois Roy, Canadian Armed Forces
Griffon Limited Life Extension
VFS Montreal-Ottawa Chapter
Aug. 11: eVTOL Writers Group Interview: Overair
Speakers: Ben Tigner, Craig Smith, Dan Salcius, Josh Aronoff, Colin Shaw and James Orbon, Overair
Overair Butterfly
Vertical Flight Society
Wed., July 7: eVTOL Writers Group Interview: CAE Inc.
Christopher Courtney, Director of Advanced Air Mobility, CAE
Timothy Schoenauer, Director, Global Training Solutions BAT/HAT, CAE
eVTOL Startup Capital Lesson 4
Vertical Flight Society

Thu., July 1: Raising $tartup Capital: eVTOL Financing 101 - Lesson 4
Max Frischman, Eagle Point Funding
Phoenicia Miracle, Miracle Strategies
eVTOL Startup Capital Lesson 4
Vertical Flight Society
June 29, 2021: eVTOL Certification 101, E-VTOL Flight Test Council
Speaker: David Webber, FAA Aircraft Certification/Standards
eVTOL Certification
Vertical Flight Society

June 28: 2021 BETA Technologies' Herman Wiegman, VFS East New England Chapter
Moderator: Harry Nahatis, ENE Chapter President
Speaker: Herman Wiegman, BETA Technologies
NASA Ingenuity
VFS East New England Chapter

June 25, 2021: FAA and VFS Present the Vision Systems Summit
Moderator: Cliff Johnson, FAA
Speakers: Carlo Tiana, Collins
Trish Ververs, Honeywell
Vision SystemsVision Systems
“Sightlines: The Emerging Role of Advanced Vision Systems for Vertical Flight” Advancements in Vision System technologies offers the potential to “see” clearly in degraded visual environments (DVE); such as those often experienced by rotorcraft. Helicopters are no stranger to challenging operational environments at low altitudes, over water, at night, in high and low lighting conditions, in obstacle-rich environments, and during less-than-ideal weather conditions. Rotorcraft pilots are frequently called upon to operate to and from sites that lack the real estate to support the necessary infrastructure for instrument approaches similar to those used by fixed-wing pilots (i.e. approach lighting and instrument landing systems). To confront these challenges, enhance safety, mitigate risk, and reduce accidents/incidents, the rotorcraft community embracing advanced technological solutions. These solutions include advanced Vision Systems technologies that can provide increased situational awareness capabilities to detect and remain clear of obstacles and weather in visually degraded environments. This summit is being presented in partnership with the United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST), EUROCAE/RTCA WG-79/SC-213, the Helicopter Association International (HAI), the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA), and other safety teams, government, and industry organizations representing the vertical flight community.
Vertical Flight Society

June 22-23: 2021 Short Course on Introduction to Practical Cost Estimating Methods for VTOL Aircraft
Instructors: Robert Scott & Michael Vegh
Cost Estimating Course

Are you working to build the next great VTOL aircraft? Do you share an interest in trying to solve one of the great challenges to the application of rotorcraft? Whether you’re a student of aircraft design, a professional engineer, or a program manager, this short course is for you. In this 2 day class, we will explain the language, methods, and strategies that define the field of aerospace cost engineering as it is applied to VTOL aircraft. This class will teach you how to estimate and describe the cost of an aircraft and how to identify an affordable design.

More information about the course can be found here.
Vertical Flight Society
June 17: 2021 NASA Aeronautics Contributions to the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, VFS AZ&PHL&Redstone Chapters
Speaker: Susan Gorton, NASA
NASA Ingenuity
VFS AZ, Redstone & PHL Chapters
June 14-15: 2021 Short Course on Electric VTOL Technology
Lead Instructor: Anubhav Datta, University of Maryland
Instructors: Michael Ricci, Launchpoint Technologies
James Baeder, University of Maryland
Bob Hess, BAE Systems
eVTOL Course

The Vertical Flight Society’s signature eVTOL class was expanded over 2-days with in-depth coverage of industry-standard battery systems development (BAE), advanced high-power hybrid-electric hardware (LaunchPoint), PEM fuel cells and hydrogen propulsion and as always, the fundamentals of Vertical Lift and rotor aeromechanics from design to state-of-the-art in acoustics (Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center, University of Maryland).

More information about the course can be found here.
Vertical Flight Society
Tue., June 8: VFS eVTOL Writers Group Interview - Electric Power Systems
Nathan Millecam, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Randy Dunn, Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer
Michael Armstrong, Chief Technology Officer
EP Systems
Vertical Flight Society

Thu., June 3: Raising $tartup Capital: eVTOL Financing 101 - Lesson 3
Danielle McLean, Happy Takeoff
Alice Cummings, Vyrtx
Carl Dietrich, Jump Aero

eVTOL Startup Capital Lesson 3

Vertical Flight Society
Tue., June 1: Agricultural Spraying Operations in Vertical Lift, VFS Ottawa-Montreal Chapter
Agricultural Spraying
Historical Perspective: Ken Swartz
Helicopter Spray System Design: Wesley Reid, DART
Academic Research: Mozhdeh Shahbazi, PhD, PEng, Centre de géomatique du Québec
Drone spraying: Nicolas DesChamps and Gil Weisman, Drone DesChamps
VFS Ottawa-Montreal Chapter

Thu., May 6: Raising $tartup Capital: eVTOL Financing 101 - Lesson 2
Lecturers: Michael Dyment, NEXA Capital
Van Espahbodi, Starburst

Raising $tartup Capital
Wed., Apr. 28: Robotic Exploration of Titan with Dragonfly, a Multi-rotor Relocatable Lander, VFS Stratford Chapter
Lecturer: Douglas S. Adams, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

VFS Stratford Chapter

Sponsored by: Dassault Systemes Logo
Fri., April 23: VFS Hampton Roads Chapter Virtual Luncheon
Speaker: Ms. Susan Gorton, NASA
VFS Hampton Roads Chapter

Fri., April 23: Recent Vertical Lift Research at the National Research Council of Canada, VFS Montreal Chapter
NRC Canada
Agenda: Intro to NRC, IAM & Canadian Vertical Lift Autonomy Demonstration research – Mr. Derek Gowanlock, NRC-Canada
Rotorcraft Flight Sim Model Fidelity Improvement – Bill Gubbels, NRC-Canada
In-flight Physiological Monitoring of Pilot Workload – Dr. Andrew Law, NRC-Canada
Drone Impact Testing – Dr. Azzedine Dadouche, NRC-Canada
VFS Montreal Chapter
Thu., April 22: US Army Aviation Policy for Advanced Manufactured Aircraft Parts, VFS Philadelphia, Arizona and Redstone Chapters
Moderator: Ed Martin, US Army
Speaker: Mark Ratliff, US Army
US Army
VFS Philadelphia, Arizona and Redstone Chapters
Thu., April 8: Raising $tartup Capital: eVTOL Financing 101 - Lesson 1
Facilitator: Dana Jensen, Gemini Industries
Lecturer: Kirsten Bartok Touw, New Vista Acquisition Corp

Raising $tartup Capital

Thu., April 1: UAS/UAM Becoming a Reality, VFS Philadelphia, Arizona and Redstone Chapters
Moderator: Colton Marchesseault, Boeing
Speaker: Hector Garcia, Honeywell
VFS Philadelphia, Arizona and Redstone Chapters

Wed., March 24: Joby Aviation Journey in Urban Air Mobility, VFS Stratford Chapter
Moderator: Alexander Mark, Sikorsky
Speaker: Maryam Khoshlahjeh, Joby Aviation
Joby Aviation
VFS Stratford Chapter
Wed., March 24:VFS eVTOL Writers Group Interview - Real-Time Innovations
Moderator: Kelsey Reichmann, Avionics International 
Speaker: Chip Downing, Senior Market Development Director of Aerospace and Defense, Real-Time Innovations
Vertical Flight Society

Tue., March 9: System-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) for Flight Testers, VFS eVTOL Flight Test Council
Moderator: Al Lawless, Chair
Speaker: Nancy Leveson, Professor, MIT
eVTOL Traffic
Vertical Flight Society

Tue., Feb. 24: Motion Amplification® and Camera-Based Full Field Vibration Techniques, VFS Stratford Chapter
Moderator: Mark Alexander, Sikorsky
Speaker: Jeff Hay, CEO, RDI Technologies
VFS Stratford Chapter
Tue., Feb. 23: Los Angeles County Fire-Air Operations: Saving lives from the air, VFS East New England Chapter
Moderator: Harry Nahatis, ENE Chapter President

Speakers: Dennis Blumenthal, Chief of Helicopter Maintenance
Patrick Sprengel, Former Battalion Chief of Air Operations
LA County Fire
VFS East New England Chapter
United Aero Group
Wed., Feb. 17: VFS eVTOL Writers Group Interview - Embention
Moderator: Kelsey Reichmann, Avionics International
Speaker: Javier Espuch, Business Development Manager
Vertical Flight Society

Wed., Feb. 10: VFS eVTOL Writers Group Interview - Volocopter
Moderator: Charles Alcock, Senior Editor, AIN Publications
Speaker: Florian Reuter, CEO, Volocopter
Oliver Reinhardt, Head of Certification & Quality, Volocopter
Vertical Flight Society
Thu., Feb. 4: Quarterly Membership Meeting of the Federal City Chapter
Moderator: Rich Koucheravy, VFS Federal City Chapter President
Speaker: James Sutherland, University of Maryland
James Sutherland
VFS Federal City Chapter
Tue., Jan. 19: Austin Meyer - How X-Plane can be used for eVTOL flight,  eVTOL Flight Test Council
Moderator: Peter Schmidt, Transcend
Speaker: Austin Meyer, X-Plane
Vertical Flight Society