2022 Webinar Archive

2022 VFS Webinar Archive

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The Vertical Flight Society has been hosting virtual technical sessions, workshops, presentations and interviews on timely and relevant topics in VTOL and eVTOL. These webinars were hosted either by VFS headquarters or by our chapters around the world.

These programs provide important information to help the community continue advancing vertical flight.  

Sept. 6: Giorgio Clementi - Flight Testing eVTOL Aircraft, presented by the E-VTOL Flight Test Council
Giorgio Clementi, ITPS Canada

Giorgio Clementi

Vertical Flight Society
May 24: Aeroacoustics, Additive Manufacturing & Rotor Icing - Successful R&D for Vertical Lift through Industrial & Academic Collaboration, hosted by the VFS Montreal-Ottawa Chapter
1200-1300 EDT/1100-1200 CDT/0900-1000 PDT/1600-1700 UTC
Introduction: Speakers:
Dr. Stéphane Moreau, Université de Sherbrooke

Dr. Éric Villeneuve, Université of Québec à Chicoutimi

Dr. Mathieu Brochu, McGill University

McGill University
Industries & Universities have a long history of collaboration in diverse fields of science. In Quebec and Ontario, the aerospace sector benefited from such a strong bond. Ideas became reality through scientific development leaded by academics that then was then introduced by industrial partners in new products and developments. The Montreal/Ottawa Chapter is proud to have three great researchers for this event that are leaders in their respective fields of research. The three of them are also very active in the Vertical Flight ecosystem through collaboration with many different industrials. This event will focus on three fields of research where successful collaboration between Industrial & Universities led to great results. First, Dr. Stephane Moreau from Université de Sherbrooke will present an overview of his research in aeroacoustics of rotating machines. Dr. Éric Villeneuve from Université of Québec à Chicoutimi will then follow with his work on icing and development of anti-icing/deicing technologies. Last speaker, Dr. Mathieu Brochu, will present advances in metallic Additive Manufacturing and powders.

VFS Montreal-Ottawa Chapter
April 27: Tom Champion: GE Aviation's T901/ITEP Overview, hosted by the VFS Stratford Chapter
1800-1900 EDT/1700-1800 CDT/1500-1600 PDT/2200-2300 UTC
Introduction: Speaker:Tom Champion, Executive Director for T901 Programs, General Electric
GE recently began testing the first T901-GE-900 engine as part of the Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) program, ultimately leading to full qualification in late 2024 and initial production in 2025. The T901 provides 50% more power and 25% better specific fuel consumption than the T700-701D it is intended to replace in the US Army UH-60 and AH-64 fleets. Additionally, the US Army has designated the T901 as the powerplant for its Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft. Tom will cover current status of the EMD program, a brief history of the ITE program, and parallels to the current FVL competitions.
VFS Stratford Chapter
March 16: Advancing Future Vertical Lift, hosted by the VFS Stratford Chapter
1900-2000 EDT/1800-1900 CDT/1600-1700 PDT/2300-0000 UTC
Introduction: Stephen Schmidt, Sikorsky
Speaker:Paul Lemmo, President, Sikorsky
Advanced Sikorsky aircraft like CH-53K, Black Hawk variants, and Future Vertical Lift offerings are and will continue to be designed and built in our modern factories, lowering costs for customers while speeding design and production through use of the latest digital technologies. Sikorsky’s Future Vertical Lift offerings, DEFIANTX and RAIDERX, feature a combination of unmatched speed, maneuverability, autonomy and survivability. Hear more about current and future vertical lift programs from Sikorsky President Paul Lemmo. Introduction by Steven E. Schmidt, Vice President, Engineering & Technology Lockheed Martin Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.
VFS Stratford Chapter
Feb. 22: Vertical Lift in Canadian Search & Rescue: Military Operations, hosted by the VFS Montreal-Ottawa Chapter
1200-1300 EDT/1100-1200 CDT/0900-1000 PDT/1700-1800 UTC
Moderator: Wesley Reid
Speakers:Captain Stephen Park, Canadian Armed Forces
Major Rich Gough, Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian SAR
In the first part of this series put on by the Montreal-Ottawa Chapter of the Vertical Flight Society, we saw how vertical flight technology is being deployed by private companies, volunteer SAR operations and provincial police. For the second installment the Canadian Armed Forces will give some case studies of the work they have done to save lives on Canadian soil and in Canadian waters. Representatives of both the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Halifax and the DND Squadron 424 will be on hand to share stories from the field, saving lives in some extremely challenging conditions and situations.
VFS Montreal-Ottawa Chapter
Feb. 15: Vertical Lift in Canadian Search & Rescue, hosted by the VFS Montreal-Ottawa Chapter
1200-1300 EDT/1100-1200 CDT/0900-1000 PDT/1700-1800 UTC
Moderator: Wesley Reid
Speakers:Jarrett Lunn, Talon Helicopters
Noah Pawlowski, North Shore Rescue
Sergeant François Robert & Sergeant Steve Labonté, Sûreté du Québec
Canadian SAR
Igor Sikorsky famous said “If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can land and save your life.” Rescue operations have been a hallmark of how vertical lift is used since the early days, but how that mission is accomplished has changed drastically in the past 80 years. In this event we will speak with experienced Canadian helicopter professionals performing search & rescue (SAR) missions, as well as a community based SAR team deploying drones to expand their life saving capability.
VFS Montreal-Ottawa Chapter
Sept. 21,2022: Art Linden, Comanche Program Director, hosted by VFS Stratford Chapter

Art Linden, Sikorsky (Ret.)
RAH-66 Comanche
Vertical Flight Society