European Rotors 2023

VFS is again supporting the EUROPEAN ROTORS VTOL Show & Safety Conference on Nov. 27-30, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. The event is organized by the European Helicopter Association (EHA) in cooperation with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Helicopter Association International (HAI), and VFS is developing technical sessions on advanced vertical flight developments.

Welcome and Introduction
Thursday, Nov. 30 @ 1030-1100

• Angelo Collins, Executive Director, VFS


Sustainable Flight & eVTOL Implementation
Thursday, Nov. 30 @ 1100-1200 

• Kelly Echols, LevantaTech

Thibault Baldivia, Ascendance Flight Technologies

Marvin Koenig, Lilium 

Christophe DeWagter, TU Delft


ERF 2023 Highlights
Thursday, Nov. 30 @ 1300-1345

Arnaud Le Pape, ONERA

Frédéric Guntzer, Airbus (Best Paper from 49th ERF)

Philippe Petit, DLR (Best Paper for Forum 79)


eVTOL/Hybrid Propulsion
Thursday, Nov. 30 @ 1400-1445

Radu Cirligeanu, Elsa Industry

James Wang, DR-NTU

Carlos Munoz, EASA


Thursday, Nov. 30 @ 1500-1600

• Yvonne Minnich, DLR

Arnaud Le Pape, ONERA

Florian Antrack, DLR

Updated Nov. 27, 2023