2020 Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Technical Meeting

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The Vertical Flight Society’s (VFS) Redstone Chapter will be sponsoring the Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Technical Meeting on February 18–20, 2020 in Huntsville, Alabama. The subject matter will focus on the meeting needs of both military and civil rotorcraft handling qualities, flight controls, and vehicle design communities. This will differ from the Annual Forum HQ technical sessions in that the focus will be on
     • handling qualities standards
     • flight test technique development
     • updates to ADS-33E-PRF for Future Vertical Lift (FVL)

Abstracts can be submitted to HQ2020@redstone.vtol.org by September 13, 2019 and follow these guidelines:
     • PDF no larger than 2MB.
     • Approximately 1,000 words: presenting the status of background data, summary figures/illustrations (with samples), important conclusions summary.
     • Finished, or draft versions of papers will not be accepted as abstracts

Abstracts will be accepted in a variety of technical disciplines related to commercial or military rotorcraft handling qualities or the certification/qualification of rotorcraft handling qualities and the control systems that implement them, to include the complex behaviors induced by artificial intelligence. Click here for more detailed Call for Papers information.

Abstract selection will be completed in October 2019 and authors will be notified via email. Final papers will be due by February 7, 2020.

Questions? Email HQ2020@redstone.vtol.org.

For more information about 2020 Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Technical Meeting, please contact us.

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