China Civil Helicopter Summit 2014

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AC352 mock-up - AHS Photo (CC BY-SA) license

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has begun to open up the country's low-altitude airspace for private air travel. This is expected to create a major boom in demand for helicopters, with thousands of rotorcraft excted to be flying in the next decade. Simultaneously, the indigenous helicopter industry has shown its ability to not only produce state-of-the-art designs, but has now developed several advanced rotorcraft of its own, as chronicled in AHS International's Vertiflite magazine. 

AHS International is pleased to partner with CAN Press-AVIC and Oppland for the China Civil Helicopter Summit 2014 in Beijing, to assist the burgeoning Chinese helicopter industry in reaching its potential. As the global Vertical Flight Technical Society, AHS encourages all those in China developing rotorcraft technology, and all those who wish to understand China's potential, to attend this important conference. AHS members receive a special 20% discount off the regular registration rate!

Download the program and go to the China Civil Helicopter Summit 2014 website to register or for more details!

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