Digital Enterprise Workshop

Digital Heli

The VFS Redstone Chapter is hosting an all-day kickoff Digital Enterprise Workshop in Huntsville, Alabama on Wednesday, Feb. 23. This initiative is in support of innovating aviation acquisition by the US Army by leveraging the digital engineering infrastructure for model-based systems engineering (MBSE).

Goals and Objectives:

  • Leverage the digital enterprise tools of industry / government to achieve development efficiencies
    • Lifecycle process
    • Significant changes / modifications to current practices
    • Education of the workforce
    • Building the required digital infrastructure
    • Manage IP / data / models for collaborative efforts
  • Broadly communicate to community

The end goal is a collaborative environment for executing MBSE throughout the system lifecycle:

  • Definition of the MBSE Concept of Operations (CONOPS) objectives and desired end state
  • Information access management and data rights
  • Collaborative development practices with MBSE
  • MBSE CONOPS enablers for deriving best-value from digital artifacts

A Long-Term Objective for Model Based Acquisition

  • Evolve our current system acquisition process from event- and document-based to model-based
  • Moves the engineering discipline from its current state of stove-piped models and data sources toward a future Digital Engineering Ecosystem
  • Improvement resides chiefly in two areas: 1) mission, enterprise architecture, and requirements modeling by the government; and 2) full system development by industry in a digital model
  • Both gov’t and industry need: right info, right time, right format

Follow-on efforts may include a series of webinars on specific topics and/or working groups. This effort will build towards the VFS Complex Systems conference planned for September 2022 in Huntsville (details forthcoming). 

Registration coming soon!

Agenda: Kick-Off Meeting
Time Topic Speaker
0745 – 0800 Introductions Dr. Bill Lewis (T4)
0800 – 0820 DoD Vision Lars Ericcson (PEO)
0820 – 0840 Industry Perspective Nick Lappos (VLC)
0840 – 0930 Digital Engineering Tools David Guzinsky (3DS)
0930 – 0945     Break  
0945 – 1000 H-60V Dave Arterburn (UAH)
1000 – 1015    ITEP John Freudenthal (PEO)
1015 – 1035 MOSA Matt Sipe (PEO)
1035 – 1115 PEO Future Vision Pat Mason (PEO)
1115 – 1145   Bell 525 Applications Peter Schultz (Bell)
1145 – 1245    Lunch  
1245 – 1315    Sikorsky Commercial Chris van Buiten (LMCO)
1315 – 1345  Collins Aerospace TBD
1345 – 1445  System Capability Panel Cripps, Schultz, Arterburn, Ericcson
1445 – 1500 Break  
1500 – 1600 Workforce Development Panel Guzinsky, Gregorian, Sipe
1600 – 1700  Sustainment Initiatives Panel Jonas, Rios, Johnson, TBA
1700 – 1730 Discussion/Working Groups Dr. Bill Lewis (T4)

Updated Jan. 20, 2022

In-Person Venue

This will be a free, hybrid all-day workshop open to the public for in-person and virtual participation. There is a limit of only 70 seats at the facility, so in-person attendees must RSVP (details TBD). The kickoff meeting for this initiative is being hosted by:

Radiance Technologies, Inc.
310 Bob Heath Drive
Huntsville, AL 35806

 Radiance Technologies