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VFS supported the EUROPEAN ROTORS VTOL Show & Safety Conference on Nov. 16–18, 2021 in Cologne, Germany. The event was organized by the European Helicopter Association (EHA) in cooperation with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and VFS developed four sessions on advanced vertical flight developments on Tuesday, Nov. 16, as well as an online session. Check out our summary article in the latest issue of our Vertiflite magazine.

All presentations were video recorded and are now posted online on the European Rotors 365 VFS/Innovation Sessions page. 

Our impressive lineup of speakers was as follows:

Rotorcraft Research (1100–1330)

  • Arnaud Le Pape, Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics — EREA’s role in advancing vertical flight
  • Arnaud Le Pape, ONERA - French Aerospace Lab and Gerald Ernst, DLR - German Aerospace Center — French/German rotorcraft research programs
  • Colin Bosch, TU Munich — TU Munich research on fault tolerant flight control actuators and hydrogen electric VTOL
  • Prof. Michael Weigand, TU Wien — Improved rotorcraft drivetrain safety and related research at TU Wien
  • Dr. Marilena Bos-Pavel, TU Delft — VTOL research activities at TU Delft
  • Prof. Christian Janke, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  — The future of training and education in the aviation sector

 30 minute break

Vertical Aviation Safety (1400-1445)

  • Jim Viola, President/CEO, Helicopter Association International (HAI) — Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST) Overview
  • Dr. Michel Masson, Senior Safety Promotion Officer, ESPN-R Coordinator, EASA and Bernd Osswald, Head of Accident & Flight Safety Investigation, ESPN-R Coordinator, Airbus Helicopters — European Safety Promotion Network Rotorcraft (ESPN-R) and the VAST
  • Dr. Thomas Gogel, Head of Aviation Safety, Airbus Helicopters — Rotorcraft Technology with Safety Benefits
  • Q&A

Advanced Rotorcraft Technology (1445-1600)

  • Peter RistokFuture Projects Engineering, Airbus Helicopters — Rapid And Cost-Efficient Rotorcraft (Racer)
  • Andrea Artioli, NextGenCTR Programme Manager, Leonardo Helicopters — Next Generation Civil TiltRotor (NextGenCTR)
  • Nick Lappos, Senior Technical Fellow, Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Co. — Safety through Automation
  • John Bouma, Director of Civil Certification, Bell — Rotorcraft Technology Advancements
  • Q&A

15 minute break

Advanced Air Mobility (1615-1730)

  • Dr. Joerg Mueller, Head of Urban Air Mobility, Managing Director Airbus Urban Mobility GmbH
  • Dr. Saskia Horsch, Head of Public and Regulatory Affairs, Lilium
  • Eduardo Dominguez Puerta, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Vertical Aerospace
  • Jörn Jaeger, Airspace integration and infrastructure, Volocopter GmbH
  • Q&A 

Airspace Integration of UAS & UAM (online only)

  • Dr. Parimal (PK) Kopardekar, Director of NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) — Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM)
  • Chris Kucera, Head of Strategic Partnerships of OneSky Systems — UAS, UAM and Enabling Technologies for UTM
  • Phil Banks, Head of Air Traffic Management (ATM) at Altitude Angel — Unlocking & Unifying the Airspace 
  • Vladimir Foltin, PCM/ATM Expert at EASA — iConspicuity and Air Traffic Management (ATM) for General Aviation
  • Discussion

The event was a great success! Please plan to attend next year Nov 8 - 10, 2022, Cologne, Germany! 

Updated 2021-11-30