Pre-Forum 76 Special Sessions

Webinars a Huge Success!

150-200+ people registered each day for our Pre-Forum Special Sessions! If you missed them live, you can get all of the same benefit buy purchasing them at the same price from our Video on Demand Library. Or check out other videos — including webinars, conference sessions, interviews and more in the VFS Video Library!

About These Webinars: 

With the rescheduling of Forum 76 from May 19-21 to Oct. 6-8, 2020, VFS provided updates on vertical flight development efforts on May 19-21. A series of webinars covered several of the special session topics planned for Forum 76, but provide more timely insights. Registration is $50 per day. 

Day 1: Tuesday, May 19 — Military Rotorcraft Program UpdatesNavy Fire Scout

Session 1: US Navy/Marine VTOL Programs @ 1300-1430 EDT (UTC-4)
Moderated by Dr. John "JT" Tritschler, US Naval Test Pilot School

  • Dr. Brian Holm-Hansen and Dr. David Gonzales, Office of Naval Research Code 35 — ONR Science & Technology
  • Mike Fallon, NAVAIR Chief Technology Office (CTO) — NAVAIR Vertical Lift Science & Technology
  • Col Kevin "Astro" Murray, US Marine Corps Warfighting Lab — USMC Transformative Vertical Lift Strategy
  • CAPT Eric Soderberg, USN, PMA-266 — MQ-8 Fire Scout Update
Session 2: US Army VTOL Programs @ 1500-1630 EDT (UTC-4)

Moderated by Mr. Patrick Mason, PEO AviationArmy Apache in Flight

  • COL John Vannoy, Multi-National Aviation Special Project Office (MASPO) 
  • LTC Matt Peterson, PM Developments/Modifications, Attack Helicopter
  • Mr. Steven Kelley, Deputy Program Manager, Utility Helicopter
  • Mr. Travis Sinclair, Technical Chief, Cargo Helicopter
  • Mr. Matt Sipe, Technical Chief, Aviation Turbine Engines (ATE)

Day 2: Wednesday, May 20 — FVL and JMR Bell Valor
Session 3: Future Vertical Lift (FVL) @ 1300-1430 EDT (UTC-4)

Moderated by COL Jay Hopkins, FVL CFT Chief of Staff & COL(P) Robert Barrie, Deputy Program Executive Officer, Aviation

Panel participants from PEO AVN are:

  • Mr. Dan Bailey, PM, Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft Competitive Prototype 
  • COL Greg Fortier, PM Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA)
  • COL David Phillips, PM Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA)
  • COL Scott Anderson, PM Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Session 4: Joint Multi-Role (JMR) Technology Demonstrations @ 1500-1630 EDT (UTC-4)
Moderated by Dr. Bill Lewis, Tennessee Technical Test Team (T4)

  • Steve Weiner, Chief Engineer, JMR-TD, Sikorsky Boeing
  • Ryan Ehinger, VP/Program Director, FLRAA / V-280, Bell
  • Kendall Goodman, COO, AVX Aircraft
  • Dr. Thomas Berger, President, Karem Aircraft

Day 3: Thursday, May 21 — Electric VTOLBeta Infrastructure UAV Carport
Session 5: Challenges in Electric VTOL @ 1300-1430 EDT (UTC-4)

Moderated by Mr. Ken Swartz, Aeromedia Communications

  • Yolanka Wulff, Co-Director, Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI)
  • Nick Lappos, Senior Technical Fellow, Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company
  • Michael Dyment, Managing Partner, NEXA Advisors
Session 6: Progress in Electric VTOL @ 1500-1630 EDT (UTC-4)

Moderated by Mr. Jim Sherman, VFSUC Davis UAM

  • Eric Bartsch, Chief Executive Officer, VerdeGo
  • Yves Yemsi, Chief Program Officer, Lilium 
  • Chip Palombini, BETA Technologies
  • Adam Slepian, Global Head of Partnerships, Hyundai

Posted: 2020-04-24; updated 2020-05-27