Virtual Workshop on eVTOL Infrastructure

2nd (Virtual) Workshop on eVTOL Infrastructure for UAM
Virtual Program started April 15th, and continues weekly until May 6th
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The individual presentations (video recordings and presentation slides) are available below
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Need an intro to eVTOL and UAM? Start with this 1-hour VFS webinar: The Electric VTOL Revolution

The Vertical Flight Society is pleased to offer free webinars on Challenges of eVTOL Infrastructure topics that were planned for the 2020 Workshop eVTOL Infrastructure. These webinars will provide insight from the industry for the development of eVTOL / UAM / AAM infrastructure. During these challenging times, we decided to offer them as free webinars are available to the entire community. Please share them with your colleagues. Here is the schedule of presentations: 

Webinar #1:  Fire, Building and Electrical Code for Vertiports — sponsored by Gannett Fleming

Wednesday, 15 April, 0900 - 1030 EDT (UTC-4)
Moderator:  Rex Alexander, 5-Alpha


Fire Code, Dave Phelan, Davidson Code Concepts

Building Code, Teresa Peterson, Gannett Fleming 

Electrical Code, Scott Cary, National Renewable Energy Laboratory 


We also captured the attendee questions and had the presenters provide their answers.

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Webinar #2:  Weather Systems  sponsored by Deloitte

Wednesday, 22 April, 1130 - 1300 EDT (UTC-4)
Moderator:  Rex Alexander, 5-Alpha


Evolving Products at the Aviation Weather Center
Stephanie Avey, NOAA

Weather Challenges for UAM
Matthias Steiner, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Weather Resilient Operations in Urban Environments
Don Berchoff, CEO, TruWeather Solutions

Certification and Standards – Manned and Unmanned Flight
Marilyn Pearson, FAA


We also captured the attendee questions and had the presenters provide their answers.

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Watch Webinar #2

Webinar #3:  Acoustics and Noise  sponsored by Uber Elevate

Wednesday, 29 April, 1130 - 1300 EDT (UTC-4)
Moderator:  David Josephson, Uber Elevate


FAA’s Role in Progress towards UAM Acoustic Noise Models and Simulations
Cliff Johnson, FAA

Noise considerations for designing Skyport networks
Danielle Rinsler, Uber Elevate

Rohit Goyal, Uber Elevate

David Josephson, Uber Elevate


We also captured the attendee questions and had the presenters provide their answers.

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Webinar #4:  Urban / Municipality Planning & Land Use  sponsored by PS&S

Wednesday, 6 May, 1130 - 1300 EDT (UTC-4)
Moderator:  Yolanka Wulff, CAMI


Waterborne Infrastructure
Rik Van Hemmen, Martin & Ottaway

Facility Architecture for Urban Air Mobility
Chuck Clauser, PS&S

Skyport Design Considerations
Brian Learn, Uber Elevate

UAM Integration for States Path Forward
Darshan Divakaran, Aerospace Arizona Association LLC


We also captured the attendee questions and had the presenters provide their answers.

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PS and S


Gannett Flemming Skyport conceptThe Vertical Flight Society is hosting its 2nd (Virtual) Workshop on eVTOL Infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

These virtual meetings are meant to maintain the conversation during the unprecedented times. In the first workshop in Sept. 2019, industry representatives and regulators focused on the "defining challenges" of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, identifying key stakeholders and strategies for moving forward. 

This virtual Workshop, along with the in-person working meeting, is dedicated to Infrastructure for the purpose of identifying foundational elements needed to support the development of safe, functional and economically viable infrastructure to support UAM applications. 

Segments of the workshop's discussion will dovetail directly into and leverage work currently underway by the International Helicopter Safety Foundation (IHSF) and the United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) in which the Vertical Flight Safety actively collaborates.

Note: The Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI) held a separate "UAM 101" virtual workshop for state and local decision makers on March 16th. 


The Vertical Flight Society, founded in 1943 as the American Helicopter Society, is the world's leading professional organization working to advance vertical flight. VFS has been a leading advocate and supporter of what we call "The Electric VTOL Revolution." We held the world's eVTOL technical meeting in 2014 and our 7th Annual eVTOL Symposium is planned for Jan. 2020 in Silicon Valley; we now have 100+ hours of informative and educational videos on electric VTOL. A summary of the work that VFS and its partners have done, along with information on previous events and activities, can be found on this webpage


  • Provide an open forum to stake holders and interested parties from industry and applicable government and regulatory bodies to present policy requirements as they relate to UAM technology and infrastructure.
  • Identify collaborative research and development opportunities necessary for creating common sense infrastructure standards based on aircraft performance criteria.


  • Build upon existing safety data to identify pre-competitive areas where proactive industry collaboration would be valuable in accelerating adoption.
  • Identify collaborative opportunities between industry and government agencies which will benefit the UAM industry.


  • Rex Alexander, 5-Alpha
  • Cliff Johnson, FAA

Notes: this event may sell out. Since this is a virtual meeting, members of the press are welcome to attend, but attributions made by FAA employees must be reviewed by the FAA Communications team.

There will be a limited number of sponsorships available. Go to the registration page to apply for a sponsorship and register

  • Gold Sponsorship (5 max): $2,500 — includes logos/signage, flyer, three complimentary registrations and a 20-minute speaking slot. (Subject to approval and availability.)
  • Silver Sponsorship (5 max): $1,500 — includes logos/signage, flyer, one complimentary registration and a 10-minute speaking slot. (Subject to approval and availability.)


Please contact Jim Sherman for more information.

Updated March 10, 2020