2020 Rotorcraft Handling Qualities

2020 Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Technical Meeting

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The Vertical Flight Society’s (VFS) Redstone Chapter will be sponsoring the Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Technical Meeting on February 18–19, 2020 in Huntsville, Alabama. The subject matter will focus on meeting the needs of both military and civil rotorcraft handling qualities, flight controls, and vehicle design communities. Download the Final Agenda!


The one and half-day meeting will consist of technical papers and invited presentations from academia, industry and government. Please download Handling Qualities Final Agenda to learn more. Meeting questions can be submitted to HQ2020@redstone.vtol.org.


Please register online, or submit the completed registration form to VFS HQ.

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Preliminary Agenda:

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Time Topic Presenter(s)
7:00–12:00noon Registration/Presentation Materials Drop-off for Authors
8:00–8:30am Welcome by General Chair Dr. Bill Lewis, Tennessee Technical Test Team
Session 1: Useable Cue Environment
8:30–9:00am DVE-M Update MAJ Jon Mulder, US Army CCDC
9:00–9:30am US-German Join In-flight Evaluation of Collective Tactile Cueing Jeffrey Lusardi, US Army CCDC
9:30–10:00am Cueing Methodologies Leveraging Formation Flight Bob Walters, Georgia Tech
10:00–10:30am Coffee Break
10:30–11:00am Presentation COL Phillips, FLRAA, PEO Aviation
11:30–12:45pm Lunch Provided
12:45–1:00 pm VFS Medallion Presentation Redstone Chapter
Session 2: Quantitative Assessment and Systems Identification
1:00–1:30pm Bell V-280: JIO Methodology Application for Hover Model Identification Caitlin S. Berrigan, Mark J.S. Lopez, Paul Ruckel, J.V.R. Prasad
1:30–2:00pm Characterizing Human-in-Loop Bandwidth and Stability Margins Using Crossover Model Equivalence Edward Bachelder, San Jose State Univ.; Bimal Aponso, NASA Ames
2:00–2:30pm Probabilistic Approach to Pilot/Vehicle System Performance and Perceived Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Umberto Saetti, Georgia Tech
2:30–3:00pm Coffee Break
3:00–3:30pm Presentations TBA
3:30–4:00pm Design Advantages of an Integrated Cyber-Physical Aircraft (2019 Nikolsky Lectureship) Nicholas D. Lappos, Lockheed Martin
4:30pm Social
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
7:00–12:00noon Presentation Materials Drop-off for Authors
Session 3: Handling Qualities and Autonomy
8:00–8:30am Real-Time Accurate UAV Models for Handling Qualities Simulation and Control Law Design Marilyn J. Smith, Georgia Tech
8:30–9:00am Presentations TBD
9:00–10:00am Invited Special Speaker COL Fourtier, FARA, PEO Aviation
10:00–10:30am Coffee Break
10:30–11:00am ADS-33 for FVL Les Wiggins, US Army CCDC
11:00–11:30am Panel Discussion on Near Term HQ Challenges
11:30am Technical Meeting Concludes

General Chair:

Dr. Bill Lewis, Tennessee Technical Test Team, Retired SES for Aviation Development Directorate

Keynote address:

Nick Lappos, 2019 Alexander Nikolsky Lecturer

Technical Sessions:

  • Quantitative Analysis/Systems Identification
  • Handling Qualities and Autonomy
  • ADS-33E-PRF for FVL, DVE-M, and FLRAA Updates
  • Useable Cueing Environments


  • COL David C. Phillips, Army FLRAA PM

  • COL Gregory S. Fortier, Army FARA PM

Authors: Please follow the Authors' Guide for submission instructions.


Dynetics Solutions Complex (Download the Dynetics Huntsville Map)
1004 Explorer Blvd.
Huntsville, AL 35806

No hotel blocks have been reserved; participants should book their own lodgings.

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