2025 Handling Qualities Meeting

2023 Handling Qualities

The VFS Redstone Chapter is sponsoring the 2025 Handling Qualities Technical Meeting on Jan. 22-23, 2025, in Huntsville, Alabama. The meeting will focus on meeting the needs of vertical flight aircraft handling qualities (HQ), flight controls and vehicle design communities. Technical topics will differ from the Annual Forum in that the focus will be on handling qualities standards and flight test technique development, in addition to updates to ADS-33E-PRF/MIL-DTL-32742(AR) for new military and civil platform configurations — including helicopters, advanced rotorcraft, drones and electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

Abstracts will be accepted in technical disciplines related to commercial/military rotorcraft/VTOL aircraft handling qualities, or the certification/qualification of handling qualities and the control systems that implement them, to include the complex behaviors induced by artificial intelligence. 

Note: presentation-only submissions will be accepted. The abstract should clearly state the intent to be Presentation-Only, or if a technical paper will be submitted. 

Abstracts are to be submitted to meetings@redstone.vtol.org no later than Friday, Nov. 1, 2024, and should:

  • present the status of the background data to be used, summarize figures and illustrations to be used (with samples), and include a summary of important conclusions;

  • conform to the abstract template that can be downloaded on the event page at www.vtol.org/handling 

  • be approximately 1,000 words and submitted in PDF or Word format, and no larger than 2MB;

  • include paper title, author name, organization and email contact information, and whether it will be a technical paper or a presentation-only;

  • abide by the format set by the abstract template.

Please refer to the Call for Papers for important deadlines and details. 

General Chair: Mr. Eric Grigorian, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Abstract Deadline: Friday, Nov. 1, 2024

Abstract Template (Word)

Meeting Venue: Radiance Tech, 310 Bob Heath Dr, Huntsville, AL

Huntsville Travel Guide