AHS Aberdeen Chapter Established

Tom Wood at ARLOn Thursday, Aug. 18, AHS International members based on and around the US Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) in Aberdeen, Maryland (USA) established the latest AHS Chapter. The AHS Aberdeen Chapter hosted the 2016 winner of the AHS Alexander A. Nikolsky Honorary Lectureship, Mr. Tom Wood, the chief technologist for Bell Helicopter. His 60 minute Lecture, entitled “50 Years of Industry Perspective,” highlighted a half-century of contributions to advancing the state of the art of helicopter and tiltrotor technology.

Dr. Corde Lane, the acting director of Aberdeen's Vehicle Technology Directorate (VTD) in the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), provided a welcome to the attendees, with background and plans presented by VTD engineers Dr. Rajneesh Singh and Michael Avera.

Aberdeen AudienceAHS International Executive Director Mike Hirschberg also provided a welcome and an overview of AHS. He urged the attendees to get involved in the chapter and work to reap the benefits that AHS provides. 

More information about the AHS Aberdeen Chapter can be found at aberdeen.vtol.org.

In addition, the ARL Public Affairs Office put together the following news release information:

Article: Local American Helicopter Society chapter takes flight

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Posted Aug 24, 2016