AHS Board Letter to Industry

Leading members of the rotorcraft industry who serve on the AHS International Board of Directors recently signed a letter [pdf] encouraging companies to join AHS as corporate members and to exhibit at the AHS Annual Forum.

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January 29, 2015

Dear Colleague:

The rotorcraft industry is facing increasing challenges.  The civil market is ever more competitive, and our government customers are facing intense budget pressures while still requiring the most capable rotorcraft in the world.  New development efforts are underway to capitalize on breakthroughs in technology while meeting the affordability and productivity demands of our customers.

The American Helicopter Society (AHS) International is the forum where these challenges are discussed, debated and clarified.  Our government and civilian contacts listen closely to the technical discussions within AHS to refine their plans on what vehicle and technologies best meet their missions both now and in the future.

We urge you to be a part of this important discussion by joining and participating in AHS.  AHS is the only non-profit dedicated to the advancement of vertical flight.  Membership provides employees with significant insights into current technical capabilities as well as future goals and trends.  The best companies and those most capable of excelling during uncertain yet exciting times are those that have the deep technical expertise and understanding of future requirements. These skills can be honed by becoming engaged AHS members interacting with others inventing and developing the latest technologies. 

AHS members get to really understand existing and emerging vertical flight technologies through AHS events where they can meet with the leading engineers from around the world.  They stay in touch with what is going on in our industry through reading Vertiflite magazine and the AHS Journal.  Through these activities, members are inspired to discover new approaches and create new inventions.  Although technically focused, membership in the AHS isn’t limited to engineers; anyone in our industry can benefit from the networking, training and professional opportunities the organization provides.  We urge you to join us, and nearly 7,000 other active AHS members around the world, and be part of this important discussion.  Please go to www.vtol.org/corporate for details.

The culmination of the AHS calendar is the Annual Forum and Technology Display, “The Biggest and Best Vertical Flight Technical Conference In The World.”  The 71st Annual Forum will be held in Virginia Beach, Virginia from May 5-7, 2015.  In addition to more than 250 technical papers, several dozen presentations will be given by the leaders of the industry (including the undersigned) and Department of Defense.  Total attendance is expected to be more than 1200, including about 10% US Government and a similar number of students, who are the future of our industry. All of the major AHS member companies will be showcasing their latest capabilities and advancements in vertical flight at the Forum as part of the Technology Display. AHS would ask that you consider sending your engineers and managers to the conference, as well as exhibiting at the event.  Details are available at www.vtol.org/forum.

Please consider joining AHS and supporting the Annual Forum and Technology Display.  We hope to see you in Virginia Beach!

Very Sincerely,


Ed Birtwell
Chair, AHS International

Leanne G. Caret
Secretary-Treasurer, AHS International

Mick Maurer
President, AHS International

John Garrison
Chair, AHS Vertical Flight Foundation

Posted Feb 2, 2015