AHS Helps Get More JMR/FVL Funding

The PentagonFuture Vertical Lift S&T Budget Nearly Doubles

On May 5, 2017, President Donald Trump signed the fiscal year 2017 federal budget. The budget included $11M in additional funding and Congressional language advancing vertical flight research — actions that were the direct result of the educational and advocacy efforts of AHS, the Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC) and our corporate members. Congress added the $11M to the Army’s “Aviation Advanced Technology” budget line, which includes Joint Multi-Role (JMR), the science and technology initiative that supports Future Vertical Lift (FVL). AHS/VLC has been successful in getting an average of 12% in annual increases over the past three years, for a total of $35M.

The fiscal 2018 President’s Budget Request was unveiled on May 23. The request for the Aviation Advanced Technology line is $160.7M for JMR, compared to the $94.3M that was submitted for 2017 (with $105.3M enacted as a result of the $11M plus-up). The Obama Administrations planned request for 2018 was $100.7M, indicating that the Trump Administration added $60M (an increase of 60%) for Aviation Advanced Technology as part of its Defense spending boost (pg 105 of the PDF of the Army's FY18 Justification Book Vol I — BA3 funding). [PE 0603003A / Aviation Advanced Technology]

Meanwhile, at the request of AHS/VLC, 11 members of Congress signed a letter of support in April for $40M of additional JMR risk reduction in FY2018. This fiscal year is seen as critical because of the mid-2019 FVL Milestone A decision, which is necessary to proceed into the Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction (TMRR) phase in 2021.

Although not $40M, the House Appropriations Committee released its fiscal year 2018 defense bill (HAC-D) on June 25, which includes a plus-up of $10M (labeled as "Future Vertical Lift" on pg 221 in the HAC-D bill).

AHS is proud to have been instrumental in the addition of this plus-up. If the additional funds are approved and signed into law, this total of $171M for FY2018 is nearly double the FY2017 request of $95M.

In addition, to these JMR science and technology (S&T) funds, the “Future Vertical Lift Medium” budget line was started in fiscal 2017 to initiate the FVL Analysis of Alternatives (AoA). $10M was enacted for 2017, while $14M is requested for 2018 (pg 201 of the PDF in the Army's FY18 Justification Book Vol II — BA4 funding). This is a $5M increase over the Obama Administration's planned request for FY18. [PE 0603801A / Aviation - Adv Dev]. 

If enacted into law, the increased funds will total $75M more than requested for FY2017. 

AHS continues to advocate for increased funding in vertical flight research in the NASA and Defense Department budgets. More information on these and other advocacy efforts is available at www.vtol.org/advocacy

Posted June 29, 2017