AHS Noise Library Announced

The use of helicopters is increasingly subjected to objections and concerns about noise. Particular examples currently are in New York and Los Angeles, areas where members of the public are attempting to essentialy eliminate helicopter operations, while members of Congress are proposing that severe limitations be placed on helicopter operations and the routes and altitudes used.

As a result, AHS International has kicked off a Rotorcraft Noise Initiative. Please go to www.vtol.org/noise to learn more.

One technical component of this initiative is the creation of library of important research documents on rotorcraft noise. Wherever available, links to publicly accessible documents are provided. Those documents that are not freely available to the public are accessible to AHS International members by logging in through the username and password boxes at the top of the page. Non-members may access the page by joining AHS or with the Noise Library password. Please direct any questions to Mike Hirschberg, AHS International Executive Director.

Recent articles on helicopter noise have also been published in AHS International's Vertiflite magazine: