AHS Signs Letter to Congress on Restrictive Government Travel Rules

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Leaders of 64 Scientific and Engineering Associations Ask Congress to Modify Restrictive Government Travel Rules
OMB Memo's Restrictions on Attending Professional Conferences Threaten Vital National Interests

May 29, 2013 – Reston, Va. – Leaders of 64 scientific, engineering, and technology associations today sent a letter to House and Senate leaders, calling for a reform of the government personnel travel rules recently imposed by OMB Memorandum M-12-12. Issued in the wake of the scandal that arose from a General Services Administration event held in Las Vegas, the OMB memorandum strictly limits the ability of government employees to attend professional conferences.

The organizations are asking Congress to change existing travel rules so as to support government employee travel to scientific and technical conferences. They request “Congress’s support of these open exchanges of information, establishing legislative guidance that exempts federal employee travel to conferences, seminars, and meetings where attendance promotes agency interests as well as professional development and competency of government scientists, engineers, or other specialized experts.”

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Download the letter to Congress.