AHS Supports Future Vertical Lift CFT at AUSA Symposium

Hirschberg @ AUSA 2018AHS participated in the 2018 AUSA Global Force Symposium Future Vertical Lift panel discussion, held March 27, 2018, in Huntsville, Alabama. AHS Executive Director Mike Hirschberg delivered frank perspectives on FVL as part of this Army senior panel discussion, particularly highlighting the fact that industry is all in; the Science & Technology community is all behind this; industry-govt collaboration is paramount; Army personnel need approval to attend the AHS Forum; and the vertical flight technology base can deliver on FVL, but needs stable requirements.

A video of the panel discussion was provided by the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs.

transcription (pdf) was comissioned by AHS — The Vertical Flight Society.

Senior Mentor:
GEN James C. McConville 
Vice Chief of Staff of the Army

Panel Moderator:
LTG William N. Phillips

United States Army Retired 
Vice President/SOF & Huntsville Customer Engagement The Boeing Company

Panel Members:
BG Walter T. “Wally” Rugen 
Deputy Commanding General 7th Infantry Division
Director, Future Vertical Lift Cross Functional Team

BG Thomas H. Todd, III
Program Executive Officer Aviation

Jeffrey A. Drezner, Ph.D.
Senior PolicyResearcher
RAND Corporation

Michael J. Hirschberg
Executive Director
American Helicopter Society International

Gerry Graves, Ph.D.
Managing Director
Vertical Lift Consortium

AHS advocates for issues of importance to vertical flight and has been very successful over the past quarter century in championing the advancement of rotorcraft technology. AHS has a proud legacy of advocacy work leading up to the establishment of Future Vertical Lift (FVL) initiative and the Joint Multi-Role (JMR) Technology Demonstration program. AHS has created a microsite to provide in-depth resources to those who wish to know more about FVL: www.vtol.org/FVL

Posted 2018-03-28