Final Forum 77 Reminders

The 77th Annual Forum and Technology Display starts on Monday! With more than 230 technical presentations in 40 sessions and 50+ invited speakers in 10 special sessions, plus the opening general session on Monday, this is the biggest and best vertical flight technology event in the world! If you haven’t registered yet, please do it today — don’t miss Forum 77!
We have already broken last year’s record of 1,250 attendees, so please read these important reminders and updates to ensure that everyone is able to have the best experience possible.

  1. Forum 77 takes place online May 10-14 at Log in and test it out in advance, and set up your profile and itinerary!

  2. Register in advance to make sure you don’t miss a minute of Forum 77! You must have a $0 balance to access the online event, so make sure you are paid up.

  3. We put together an important Forum 77 Help Guide with tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have any questions, please start there as we may not be able to quickly get back to you if you have problem on Monday morning.

  4. Make sure your browser and system are compatible! Outdated browsers like Internet Explorer may not work. Please run the system check and video chat test in advance.

  5. Please note that the Forum 77 video streaming platform is based on Zoom — and not Zoom for Government. US government personnel should utilize non-Government resources to access the event.

  6. Be sure to plan plenty of time to visit with our virtual exhibitors, and add their technical briefings to your Forum 77 itinerary! We scheduled three half-days for the Technology Display – after the technical sessions – to maximize the opportunity to visit with the exhibitors and attend the Exhibit Hall Technical Briefings. The Technology Display is open to all registrants.

  7. The Exhibitor Technical Briefings are part of the exhibit hall again this year, but this year we have more than 60 scheduled briefings.

  8. VFS is offering free exhibit hall to those who cannot participate in the full Forum, but you still must register — just select “Exhibit Hall Only Access.”

  9. Exhibit hall attendees can win one of three $200 Amazon gift cards. To get your name into each daily drawing, simply video chat with an exhibitor in their virtual booth or attend an exhibitor briefing. Attendees must complete an attendee profile after signing in to the Forum 77 virtual website and agree to share their profile with attendees and exhibitors to be eligible. Doing so will automatically register an attendee for each drawing when they enter a video chat room. A random name will be selected for each drawing and the winner will be announced on the VFS Twitter feed after the virtual exhibit hall closes each day at 5:00 P.M. Lucky winners will be notified by email. 

  10. Networking sessions are being offered at the start (Mon-Fri) and the end (Mon-Thu) of each day of Forum 77. Join in these chat sessions so you can meet like-minded professionals and expand your network. 

  11. The Forum 77 technical papers proceedings are available for download by paid Forum registrants in your My-VFS profile.

  12. All times are in US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which is UTC-4. However, it can be set to your local times by configuring it in your profile setup

Check out all these links and make your plans today to attend the Biggest and Best Vertical Flight Technology Conference in the World!

We can't wait to see you at our 77th Annual Forum & Technology Display. Register today