70th Annual AHS Forum Sets New Records

70th Annual AHS Forum Sets New Records 

Karem Aircraft's Forum 70 ExhibitMontréal, Québec, May 23, 2014 – AHS International – The Vertical Flight Technical Society – has concluded a very successful 70th Annual Forum and Technology Display. The AHS Annual Forum is the world’s oldest and largest technology conference, with a unique program of technical presentations, innovative discussions, exhibits and awards presentations. 

This year’s Forum included a record-setting number of technical papers – 260 – with the total number of presentations close to 300. “The First Annual Forum was held in Philadelphia on April 3, 1945. Over the past 70 years, the Forum has expanded to three days of technical papers and presentations, plus a full day of educational activities, resulting in 6,000 papers just from the Forum alone,” said AHS International Executive Director Mike Hirschberg. “We have created an incredible body of knowledge that we are now proud to have available online.” 

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Photos are available on the AHS International Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/AHS.Intl. More photos will be posted next week.